Just posted in my blog: "Automation for my static blog publishing workflow"

How I’m currently managing writing new content in my Jekyll static blog, using Shortcuts on macOS.

@m2m 🔥 Great use of Automator actions! It would be cool to extend this to something more cross-platform. Perhaps just a cli app or Python GUI that prompts for the various bits? This could then be used on macOS, Linux and even WSL/Cygwin on Windows

@m2m Thanks for sharing your workflow, I’m admittedly geeking out hardcore about this. How are you managing to create the link to interact on Mastodon? I’m assuming it’s something involving pulling the toot URL from Mastodon, but are you automating that process somehow?

@m2m Correct, and also the link to interact on Mastodon which points to the actual post, which you wouldn’t have until it actually propagates through. I’ve been brainstorming how to accomplish this with

@pete coincidentally, I've just finished my new blog post, which is just about that. I think I'll go online later today or tomorrow :)

@m2m Hell yeah, you must’ve read my mind! 😃

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