"I want to be able to not have my phone on me, if I so choose. I want the battery to be allowed to die. I want the chance to be "disconnected" for as long and as often as I want. I want to be able to exist in the world without all the apps and barcodes and notifications and other mandatory distractions inflicted by the glowing black rectangle in my pocket.

Is that too much to ask?"

@June me too. Sold as a convenience, now it feels like a trap.

@m2m yep esp since for most scenarios it comes with basically an assurance that marketers and cops have access to your daily actions

@m2m like to be fair this is something that Gen Z is starting to give all of us. Set boundaries on your tech sphere just like you would in real life.
Like if a co-worker came over at 3:30 AM and started beating on your door and screaming at you what would you do, probably go down, open the door, give em a piece of your mind, close the door, and get back to bed.
We need to start setting similar boundaries for our tech lives. Yeah bill I missed your text, I was out on a lake kayaking, If it was so important to get a hold of me maybe you should have came Kayaking...

@kusuriya totally. Async communication should make a hard comeback. As a principle, even before technology.

@m2m ofc atleast now i can through da phone on da floor c:
@m2m Oh wait, yeah government soemtimes requires the phone.. I dont like that, especially because they rely on google app services (nonfree stuff) and they make their app nonfree. Why...
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