For whomever has configured on a : if you do, how do you receive a notification of mentions? I've tried Aperture ( in conjunction with Indiegenous and other online clients, to no avail. I'm sure it's configured correctly, still I don't get any notifications.

PS: I use to receive webmentions.

@m2m I use Vivaldi on my desktop, so just have the atom feed going through the feed reader built in to that. It doesn't pick up everything though 🤔

Will be watching this thread to look for better solutions!

@omgmog alright, it works. So simple, yet I didn't think of it 🙈


@m2m I think for notifications to end up on the Aperture server, you’ve got to send it a(nother) webmention, no? That’s how I used to do it; whenever I got a new comment, I’d ping—meaning, “send a webmention to”—the Aperture endpoint, using the “Notification” source’s unique key as a bearer token. Not sure how to do that from a “static” site, except maybe through GitHub functions or so.

@jan not sure I understand. On the website they say:

"The link below provides all mentions received on your account as a Microformats feed. You can subscribe to this in a reader like Aperture. You may want to add this to your Aperture 'Notifications' channel!"

That's what I've done, and yet it returns zilch when I get webmentions.

@m2m Oh, I see. They must provide an actual h-feed (or Atom feed, which any feed reader should be able to subscribe to) then. I was talking about pushing “non-feed” items to an Aperture channel, my bad!

@m2m Do you mean a mention on a blog post or social media?

@juanfernandes I meant blog-to-blog (or better: site-to-site). I just solved using @omgmog suggestion.

@m2m @omgmog Ah nice, sorry didn't see that you already had solved it :D

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