So, I opened a new tab in and immediately notice this. After a brief WTF moment, I click on the dots menu over the icon and land on this page:

(Note that from the URL I removed the UTM: `as=u&utm_source=inproduct`)

To sum up, another automatic opt-in from which I have to say no in the settings.

@matt didn't know of that. I see it's now owned by the company who makes Startpage?

@m2m Correct! Was independent until fairly recently. But there don't seem to be (m)any changes since the acquisition. 🙃

@matt looks very interesting, especially due to the fact it supports both Firefox and Chrome extensions. Reminds me of Orion. Though, I have to admit I don't have a particular Chrome extension that I miss on Firefox...

@m2m Yeah, I so get this. On the other hand, I deeply want to survive. The world is much better with a browser not created and owned by a giant andvertiser.

@tchambers @obsolete29 also, Firefox is at the moment the only browser allowing a conveniente sync between macOS and Android. Safari is out of the question because it's not platform-agnostic — plus I must be one of the few Mac users who dislike Safari — and I really really would love to avoid switching to a Chromium-based browser.

The problem with Firefox is the Mozilla Foundation.

@m2m Me too at the moment, but I'm getting tired seeing these practices

@m2m on desktop there are many alternatives, ungoogled-chromium and brave, and maybe vivaldi

@rresoli tried them all, I really don't want to switch to a Blink/Chromium browser. I actually have and use Brave for web dev testing purposes, and Vivaldi has become totally bloated (plus closed source). Ungoogled Chromium is pretty unstable, at least on macOS.

@rresoli can you keep your Firefox account in sync with Fennec, like you can with Librewolf?

@m2m but I've heard of LibreWolf and probably is the best ffox fork for privacy.

@m2m @rresoli I'm curious, why would you use Fennec if there is Iceraven?

Does Fennec also support extensions on Android?

@lazza @m2m ... and about extensions, yes, never without uBlock Origin!

@lazza @m2m mmm... no mention of privacy features in iceraven,
such rip away telemetry -> no reason for me to use it.
(no differences vs ffox under this regard, so I guess this is why it is not on f-droid)

@rresoli @m2m I am not sure I am following you on this.

They are *literally* using the same patches as Fennec to stop telemetry.

Are you referring to something else in particular?

The fact that also Fennec supports extensions seems interesting. Good to know, thanks.

@lazza @m2m nice to know thanks. Is there any specific reason for Iceraven not being in f-droid?

@m2m @rresoli that's one of the reasons why I switched to Iceraven. 😅 Nowadays it's impossible to browse without uBlock Origin and Bypass Paywall Clean.

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