So, I opened a new tab in and immediately notice this. After a brief WTF moment, I click on the dots menu over the icon and land on this page:

(Note that from the URL I removed the UTM: `as=u&utm_source=inproduct`)

To sum up, another automatic opt-in from which I have to say no in the settings.

@m2m Yeah, I so get this. On the other hand, I deeply want to survive. The world is much better with a browser not created and owned by a giant andvertiser.


@tchambers @obsolete29 also, Firefox is at the moment the only browser allowing a conveniente sync between macOS and Android. Safari is out of the question because it's not platform-agnostic — plus I must be one of the few Mac users who dislike Safari — and I really really would love to avoid switching to a Chromium-based browser.

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