Post about how I implemented the and on my static site. A few people expressed interest in such a write-up, I hope they weren't looking for something less dependent on third-parties...

This implementation works, I know what everything's doing and why. It's okay, but I'm aware it's the weakest part of my website, plus the only one where an actual third-party is involved.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy: @pete @tagomago @obsolete29 @CrowderSoup

Also, despite what I wrote about not liking whole posts quoted in webmentions, my entire post has been added as a mention to @omgmog website 😅

Before using notes for replies, I had a setup so that in case I sent webmentions with a post, only my excerpt would be quoted and I've just changed it... Sorry Max!

@pete @tagomago @obsolete29 @CrowderSoup

@m2m @CrowderSoup @pete @obsolete29 Thank you for doing it! Will look into it, see if I can use it. :perfect:

@m2m @omgmog @pete @tagomago @obsolete29 @CrowderSoup This is an interesting remark. I always thought it’s up to the webmention receiver to display posts as they see fit. (I will only show notes in full if they’re short enough; everything else gets displayed the way blogs used to display trackbacks, a few hundred million years ago.)

@m2m @omgmog @pete @tagomago @obsolete29 @CrowderSoup (I would love to see more long-form replies, in fact, and true cross-blog conversations. [I guess the sender could always provide an `e-summary` or so, but that wouldn’t guarantee anything. Doesn’t have to, either.])

@jan I think it's indeed up to the receiver, but I previously locked that behavior by assigning the specific microformat class to my post summary only. I switched it two days ago, so now I see someone using the p-summary and someone else using the entire e-content. @omgmog @pete @tagomago @obsolete29 @CrowderSoup

@m2m That's a kind of rough spot with Webmention and with how like. It's not a "standard" so much as an emerging convention that people have different ideas of what makes the most sense.

With webmention.js I tried to make it at least reasonably flexible in terms of how you can choose to present it although there's definitely a lot of room for improvement in many respects. Glad to see my quick hack continues to get used by more and more people though. :)

@fluffy I think I credited you on both my site (colophon) and my entry on the indieweb wiki. Thanks!

@m2m Aha!

Yes that's one of the not-so-edge cases I hadn't considered. It's definitely down to the receiver to implement an appropriate way to render Webmentions.

Good to see that it sort of works rendering your whole post as a mention though.

When I next have a moment I'll look at handling truncation properly I think 😅

@pete @tagomago @obsolete29 @CrowderSoup

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