After trying it out in 2018 or 2019, almost 3 months ago I re-joined Mastodon. It was a big deal for me, since I distrust every social network out there.

Despite the apparent similarity to other sites, Mastodon – and the Fediverse in general – is not even in the same league.

In less than 3 months I've found interesting and helpful people, thoughtful debates, sincere posts and general openness. A complete departure from "before".

I'm in my 50s and this is the web I remember from the 1.0 days.

Just yesterday someone noticed a rather mysterious issue in my RSS feed and DM'd me on Mastodon to help me find out a solution.

In half an hour, the bug was solved and the feed was up and running again. It never ever occurred anything like this on either of the mainstream social networks, in years.

I'm thankful for this community.

And thanks @wouter for your help 😀


that's exactly what I thought to myself the other day (even thought of blogging about it):
The #fediverse has now reached a point where the experience is strongly reminiscent of the "golden days" of the www, before suits, ad agencys & other bad guys™ ruined it.

Now there's the question of what to do to protect it from history repeating. Once the "SEO experts" of this world realize that there are more and more people here, they're bound to try and exploit it…

@stephan agreed, and I also share similar concerns. The thing is, the way the Fediverse is structured is pretty much impossible for someone to own it. So that's my hope. I still miss BBSes, I used Gopher, Usenet newsgroups a lot. It was messy, sometimes flame-y but it was real.

@m2m this is what you get when your social space isn't managed by commercial interests :blobuwu:

@m2m I'm sure I'm not alone when I say this, but I'm glad you decided to give the fediverse another shot. Thanks for being here. :)

@m2m Welcome back, Simone! Didn’t know you were here previously, but I did the same and wish I hadn’t left in the first place. The analogy of the Fediverse resembling pleasant interaction from the early, innocent days of the web is very apt. I deeply miss those days and times of the world in general, not just the web. Our pursuit of growing the web has turned it into a commoditization platform for the wealthy, and that’s a loss for all of us.

@m2m I miss Web version 0.001 aka pagers, teletype and radio; lots less noise on the channel, as it were.

@amoroso I also followed you, as I'm really interested in your content. Didn't know that the ISS was visible from Milan last week!

@m2m Glad you like my content, thanks for the kind words.

It's really easy to see the ISS as it's one of the brightest objects in the sky, but you need to know when and where to look. I recommend this site for computing ISS passes. Just enter your location (the city is enough), it'll tell you the general direction in the sky and angular altitude.

@m2m Have clear skies! Feel free to ping me if you need help with observing the ISS.

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