One of the most irritating screens. How do people think that I'm going to follow what they write?

I tend to reply to people who have issues like this with their sites to encourage them to fix it :) (

@m2m Does Reeder look at the Header tags or look for an expected feed endpoint on the domain?

@Chronotope I'm not entirely sure about it, but I checked multiple times in the past, and every time Reeder failed, there was no feed.

@m2m they expect you to visit their website every hour. They get another number in their visit counter and they sell advertisements.

@arh oh yeah, like I'll ever go back to their website. Fact is, this one in particular doesn't sell ads, don't have any counter and it's a public archive. I bet it's just ignorance on their end. I'm a subscriber to their newsletter, but they don't communicate all their posts through that. It's pure technical ignorance. I'm going to write their support team or something.

@arh I sent an email through their contact form and it bounced back due to mail server misconfiguration on their end. I guess complaining about the lack of an RSS feed is like shouting to the void here.

It's an *.edu website, probably lacks in IT personnel.

@gstml they are, it's an *.edu website relying on donations. I bet they just lack the resources to do anything better.

But in general I agree: whoever doesn't have an RSS feed is not worth of a subscription.

@m2m sadly, RSS feeds are becoming increasingly rare

@m2m people tend to assume that a technology from the early 2000s is old / outdated and do not realize that there exists no better alternative to RSS, even after 20 years.

Geez, some youngsters do not even know what RSS is, like we were talking about audio tapes. 👀

@lazza @m2m Technically, a lot of feeds are in the Atom format rather than RSS proper…but yes, I get what you're saying. ☺️

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