@markusl I can assure you when I read the post it said only "Windows and Mac".

@markusl ahah I posted the same link 3 minutes later without noticing your reply 😀

@m2m So no need for Cookie Autodelete and Container Tabs any more?

@m2m same, maybe they didn't apply it to us? Or maybe they already had

@joel they changed the copy a few hours after publishing the post.

@m2m Improving privacy is a risky move from a vendor perspective. Many websites already refuse to work until the user has disabled privacy features. Instead of letting a single website past protection users may opt to just switch to chrome where no privacy settings are enabled out of the box because even one click may be too much. I wish more people (all the chrome users) appreciated these privacy features

@jimbo if a website doesn't work unless I remove privacy features I leave it and move on. And I encourage anyone to do the same, always.

@m2m One of these websites is M$ teams and refusing to use it likely means quitting my job and giving up my degree in university, so not really an option. And over 60% of people use chrome so they are willing to sacrify privacy for convenience. For them even one more obstacle makes it more difficult to switch.

But you’re right, encouraging others to care about these things is the right thing to do

@jimbo I never had to use Teams, I didn't even know it forces people to lower privacy standards.

In extreme cases like these I tend to use a virgin browser, one where nothing gets saved and everything gets cleared every time I close the browser.

Sometimes it's Safari, other times it's Ungoogled Chrome, which I regularly use for testing website dev work. I suspect it might not be the right choice for Teams, but you might give it a try.

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