I have to add from experience - don't rely on digital music you bought on Bandcamp to be perpetually accessible either.

I've had three releases there disappear, so always make sure you download them and have a physical backup.

On the other hand I did discover a lot of obscure music (to me) through Spotify and still use it from time to time (as one of many sources) to find new music.

I do make sure that I purchase an actual FLAC/mp3 through other channels though, whenever possible...

@axwax totally agree on Bandcamp, in fact I forgot to mention in the post that as soon as I buy something on there, I download flac and mp3 files (sometimes the .wav as well).

I rarely find interesting stuff on Spotify because I don't hang out there, except for when I want to find out music from some soundtrack. Usually, once I've found it I go get that elsewhere.

Artists who only live on Spotify (or any other streaming service) are lost to me.

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