Swapped out the original HDD from my newly arrived 2012 Mac Mini with a 256GB SSD.

Forgot to format the drive.
Swapped the HDD back in.
Cloned HDD to SSD via USB.
Swapped HDD for SSD - again.

Needed to run a internet recovery install of OSX Mavericks. Finally booted things up. Then needed to download Catalina.

So Catalina is downloading and I’m going to bed. Tomorrow when I have time I will install it and then use Open Core Legacy to patch Monterey.

A blog post will certainly follow…


@tdarb so you saw Mavericks and weren't tempted to keep it? I still think it was peak UI design for Apple.

@m2m It really is one of the best looking systems. The problem is security and browser support. It’s a shame.

@tdarb I know, I was being sarcastic. I keep thinking about buying an old Mac, such as the 2010 MBP i7 that I foolishly sold, install Mavericks with an old Logic 9 so that I can produce and release music following the limits of obsolete hardware and software. The goal would be to demonstrate how limits play in favor of creativity.

I'd keep that machine disconnected from the network though...

@m2m Yeah that would be really interesting. The icons and UI alone would keep me around though. Those were the days 😕

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