Swapped out the original HDD from my newly arrived 2012 Mac Mini with a 256GB SSD.

Forgot to format the drive.
Swapped the HDD back in.
Cloned HDD to SSD via USB.
Swapped HDD for SSD - again.

Needed to run a internet recovery install of OSX Mavericks. Finally booted things up. Then needed to download Catalina.

So Catalina is downloading and I’m going to bed. Tomorrow when I have time I will install it and then use Open Core Legacy to patch Monterey.

A blog post will certainly follow…

Open Core Legacy patcher is having some issues getting things setip nicely on the new SSD...

Maybe this is a sign from the OS Gods to just install Linux...

@m2m Maybe it would help, but I've already accepted my fate with Fedora :P


@tdarb you're telling me you're not tempted to see if that was the cause? 😂

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