After a slightly minor redesign of my website, I'm ready to ditch Bootstrap, SASS and node/npm.

I dislike having to 're-learn' how I managed to write my own typography in SASS — or worse, the color palette.

I just want to simplify, so that I can do things faster. The to-do list is:

- Turn my theme into plain CSS.
- Use Bash instead of node/npm to run tasks and build locally (I doubt I'll need PostCSS again once I ditched SASS).
- Remove Bootstrap
- Remove my SASS
- Remove node/npm

@m2m I'm interested to see how this works out!

I myself only use SASS for combining multiple small files with CSS into one large (and then minimizing). And the nesting feature.

@gustav hey Gustav, I've been using SASS for 12 years now and I guess I've tried it all: loops, functions etc. The SASS I wrote used to look more complex than my PHP WordPress plug-ins.

I've just grown tired of it — it doesn't solve anything at the moment for me, on the contrary, It only adds layers of excessive complexity over something that should be simpler.

The nesting feature is also a double-edged sword: I've found plenty of errors and useless repetition due to it.

@m2m Your story seems similar to mine. I was really smitten with it at the beginning, it solved so many issues!

I also now try to avoid nesting, in practice I use BEM (Block-Element-Modifer) which usually yields like 1 or 2 levels of nesting in the generated CSS.

I also stopped using Sass variables now that CSS variables are a thing.

@gustav this is cool, however I never fell in love with BEM. My eyes simply can't scan code with such long class names. I think I'll stick to utility-first classes even after leaving Bootstrap. Maybe I'll change my mind, who knows.

I see your website supports webmentions?

@m2m I agree that regular BEM can create long class names.

My two editions to combat this is first to use modifiers that are separate classes and to use the nesting in SASS to handle this

See this example. It still creates fairly long lines in HTML but the source code is easily readable.

@gustav yeah I saw your "bastardization" on the website 😃 I'll think about it, thanks!

@m2m Not perfect, but it works. I've come to realize that with CSS perfect doesn't exist, as soon as a project grows any system breaks

@gustav on a sidenote, my wife and I came to Jönköping just before the pandemic started. We have friends there and at the time we were looking to migrate away from the UK to Sweden :)

@m2m That's cool! It is a great town, I handpicked it after quite some research before I moved here 10 years ago. It has a little bit of everything. Small town feel while still having most shops. Close to nature and a large lake. Good public transit and access to train lines.

Overall a great town!

Are you back in the UK now?

@gustav agree, I liked it. No, we left the UK because of the sum of zero-sum-games the UK have been doing over the last 6 years. Our temporary stay in Italy was prolonged beyond expectations, but we're close to leave again. Not sure about the destination though: might be the UK again (tax reasons) for a short period, then could be Sweden, Germany, Ireland or the Netherlands.

In a similar fashion, I've had so much fun recently making simple web pages on Glitch. Just HTML and CSS. No build processing. And a live preview on the same window.

What a breath of fresh air!
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