I might be wrong but I get a strong feeling that we're saying very similar things...

@dona @Solobasssteve

@luka @dona @Solobasssteve

I totally get your point, in fact I too enjoy the kind of connection you explained. What I like is maybe having access to something related to a "behind the scene". But again, in an ideal situation an artist should be free to let anyone in if they wish so. Also, and this might sound controversial, I'm against the concept that art should be free. Artists should be allowed to decide, but overall I'm against any 'freemium' model.

@dona @luka Also, I think @Solobasssteve might be interested in this topic. If you read, Steve, I'm absolutely not attacking people like you, who actually offer exclusives to Bandcamp subscribers :)

I'm only talking from the perspective of someone who might subscribe, and sometimes do. If I buy a gift for someone, I don't do it because I expect something in return, but maybe I'm the odd one?

I agree with @dona. Surely exclusives they're a nice to have every now and then, but I see these things as a commercial hook: if I'm interested in an artist or whomever might be using a subscription, it's because of their art, not rewards.

I get that they might want to differentiate the offer so that people who pay feel like their effort is taken into higher consideration. But this is how commercial entities behave, which am not a fan of. In particular, I'm thinking about Bandcamp. @luka

if you are supporting someone or a project via Patreon or Bandcamp subscriptions or any other non-anonymous patronage/crowdfunding/donation platform, what do you want in return, if anything?

Feel free to comment in replies if nothing applies but you have thoughts.

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@lkhrs that's a neat idea. My two webrings don't bother me, but you just made me realize I've never liked the two redundant emoji that Indieweb adds to their webring code. I think I'll get rid of them.

@ndanes @lkhrs well I for one am glad it's not legal and all, I still regularly disassemble my hardware for upgrades and maintenance :D

@den bookmarked this post for later, I want to check it out!

@obsolete29 @chris I used to have dual boot, but now I cleaned it up and only run Monterey. I'd like to have a separate PC laptop for Linux, I never feel okay using Linux or Windows on a Mac. I think it's the keyboard, it drives me mad.

@lkhrs @ndanes Back in the days Apple used a specific paint applied the the screws, and if memory serves me right, they were able to see (blue light maybe?) if someone tampered with them. Have no idea if this is still the case but I wouldn't be surprised.

@chris @lkhrs I did try to get creative with blocks until I gave up for a static site. Have any of you checked the markup code you get when you export a heavily customized Gutenberg page or post from WP? I did and I was seriously stunned by how messy it was. The number of DOM elements, along with their depth in the page skyrocketed at a level I only saw with Apple's iWeb in the past.

@jalefkowit @chris I used to counterpoint this statement in the past, but then I ended up realizing how true it is when helping non-tech friends with their WP websites.

While I initially didn't understand why they were loathing Gutenberg so much, eventually I realized they just wanted to create a post and write stuff. The TinyMCE was enough.

I also experienced it myself when Mailchimp implemented Gutenberg (or a subsection of) in the mail editor. It drove me crazy.

@chris yeah I heard that some generations of MBP were often defective, apparently my mid-2015 was one of the best of the previous incarnation (pre-touch bar and pre-butterfly keyboard)...

@chris mine is a mid 2015 MBP, and it's still going strong. Not going to change it until it's literally dead. But I have this idea about getting a PC laptop with Linux and move all dev work on it, leaving music and sound design production to the MBP.

@chris I'm interested in the Framework laptop, waiting for it to be available in my country.

@mattedgar a motorway flyover in Manchester always reminds me of Sam Tyler 🥴

@lkhrs @ndanes not sure if this is still the case but I'm afraid I'd you have opened the lid you might have voided your warranty. At least, this was how Apple settled these situations back in the day.

I open my Mac laptop twice a year to remove dust and clean up stuff inside. And maybe once every 2-3 years I replace the thermal paste on the CPU.

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