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At some point people stopped using browser bookmarks and just kept tabs opened/pinned and browser makers have just ignored this fact.

It's clear that bookmarks are broken and a thousand open tabs are a mess, but no one's trying to make the "I saw that once on a website" problem any better.

I rarely am amazed by men singers these days, however, Sam Fender gives me goosebumps. And this, in my opinion, is his zenith:

If anyone was able to successfully install Gajim on macOS Monterey, please let me know.

I've followed their guide to the letter to no avail. I build the app, yet it crashes on start.

After a hiatus slightly longer than 15 years, I'm back on XMPP. If interested, find me as, encryption and all.

Thanks to @arh for the help and the beta test :)

if you are supporting someone or a project via Patreon or Bandcamp subscriptions or any other non-anonymous patronage/crowdfunding/donation platform, what do you want in return, if anything?

Feel free to comment in replies if nothing applies but you have thoughts.

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I am new to Mastodon, in search of some sanity and an escape from the craziness of the other social media platforms. My friend Simone Silvestroni convinced me this is an oasis of tranquility. #introductions

Most people that I followed on mastodon are kind of tech person. Almost 95% of their blog posts or toots that related to code I can understand none of them.

Despite that, the remaining 5% is where I can learn from. There’s always little something you can get inspired from people or find ideas in the writing.

Please, share what you know. It might possibly help someone without you realizing.

If you don’t want to become that which you despise, you must design your systems accordingly.

Multi-user federated servers are inherently open to economies of scale and thus to embrace, extend & extinguish.

Fediverse servers should be designed _so they cannot scale beyond a certain size_ to ensure no node becomes a centre.

If your aim is to devolve wealth/power/control, vertical scale is your failure mode. If you want to raise mini Zuckerbergs, by all means, scale on…

#fediverse #smallTech

Just yesterday someone noticed a rather mysterious issue in my RSS feed and DM'd me on Mastodon to help me find out a solution.

In half an hour, the bug was solved and the feed was up and running again. It never ever occurred anything like this on either of the mainstream social networks, in years.

I'm thankful for this community.

And thanks @wouter for your help 😀

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From the archive (2020): How the Instagram navigation became convoluted.

"With the introduction of significant layout changes — the tabs Reel and Shop — the Instagram navigation became convoluted. Let’s briefly explore how."

After trying it out in 2018 or 2019, almost 3 months ago I re-joined Mastodon. It was a big deal for me, since I distrust every social network out there.

Despite the apparent similarity to other sites, Mastodon – and the Fediverse in general – is not even in the same league.

In less than 3 months I've found interesting and helpful people, thoughtful debates, sincere posts and general openness. A complete departure from "before".

I'm in my 50s and this is the web I remember from the 1.0 days.

Only 10 patrons are currently supporting @tchambers with hosting and management costs.

This isn't Facebook.
You're not the product.

It’s patently absurd to expect independent developers who develop free software on free/open platforms to undertake the time and expense of supporting proprietary platforms they do not themselves use.

I propose the following strategy: if you’re on Linux, say, support Linux in your apps and be open to Win/macOS folks forking the app if they wish.

But also release it under a license like AGPL so they can’t just profit off of your work without giving back (e.g., by selling it on those platforms).

Game designers do more interesting #ui things than mainstream ui #designers

RSS is good. You read posts you’ve subscribed to all in one place.

Thing is, I want to admire the design of each site as well. People tend to make some adjustments to their site occasionally. I want to see it.

That’s part of the reading experience.


82% of transgender individuals have considered killing themselves and 40% have attempted suicide. Source: National Library of Medicine (

I can safely guess that other Western and non-Western societies are in a similar or worse ballpark.

If this isn't a complete and utter failure as a society, I don't know what is.

“You may not know his name, but he played a huge part in creating the web you take for granted today…and he’s back.”

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