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It still pains me to see people putting up music composing/recording/mixing/producing posts online (not seen it here) saying they'll make tunes for an absurdly low amount of money, which can't match the effort spent creating.

Like, I get it, the gig economy is horrendous and you feel you have to undercut others or offer a 1% of minimum wage pricing scheme.

Please value your skills & experience, do mates rates for mates exclusively, and do some research into what you should be charging etc.

i made a little educational post because of the heat wave. here are some heat and drought resistant crops that will do people some good to learn to love eating: tomato, sweet potato, eggplant, and okra. this is just 4 out of many, but i am growing currently 3 eggplants and 2 tomato plants in my plot of of the community garden. #gardening #climatechange #illustration #plants #vegetables

Today's best read:

"[...] I truly miss the time that we put purpose in things we created and we valued them enough to stick to its good and only change it for the better."

By @arh

The new Design, Digested, it out!

- Design is evolving—and designers need to evolve with it;
- Correction of the racist highway designs of the past;
- Why we ignore the obvious;
- Building a more honest internet;
- Greta Thunberg doesn’t want you to talk about her anymore.

Entering my 4th month on Mastodon and I still haven't had a single fight with anyone. I've seen a few people writing "I'm sorry" or "thanks, you made me change my mind on this". I've seen people expressing themselves and not being judged.

I sometimes wonder what would have been my experience had I not deleted my first Mastodon account in 2018.

Online experiences would would be significantly different if self-hosting was even 1% as easy as installing apps from the app store.

Beautiful video about an old "PIF" Soviet synthesizer for kids. I love the research that David Hilowitz went through.

I really wish people would stop using Mastodon like Twitter. It is designed to not have the negative effects of other social media sites (like clickbait, flooding timelines, etc.).

Specifically, I have seen people post threads of 20 posts or more (with one sentence each)! Threads are not collapsible on here and CWs only help a little with this.

Also, I've seen many people boost 50+ posts per day, some of them comments that are completely out of context. There is a favourite button for that.


I keep toying with the idea of dropping SASS/SCSS and go back to native CSS with modern features. Thoughts?

Seeing a lot of #fediverse accounts without any profile information…

Folks, if you want us to follow you, please, tell us a little about your account. You don’t have to post a photo of yourself or identify yourself if you don’t want to but please take a moment to tend to your profile so it says something about why it exists and what we can expect if we follow it.

It’s also helpful if your make an #introduction post. (You can also pin that to your account.)

Stop saying things like "Talibanization of the US". Stop blaming muslims all over the world for YOUR failure to contain the growth of *christian* extremism in your courts and your political system.

Brilliant interview with the sound department for , illustrating their methodology and work on the show.

Don’t give Twitter any more of your mindshare or content. Write long form on your blog where it truly belongs.

With that being said, I just _hate_ how Spotify has _exclusive_ podcasts. Fuck them. One more big tech just destroying something open and beautiful.

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@jan I never understood the whole "embedded tweets" thing to begin with - just quote the damn thing, take a screenshot if you absolutely want to show off the Twitter UI, but don't burden your visitors with yet more requests to a data silo they may not wish to interact with.

TIL: the term "bouncing", related to an audio render of several tracks into one, comes from when producers had to record several tracks from a tape onto a single stereo track on a different tape, to free space for more tracks. The term refers to how these tracks were "bouncing" or "ping-ponging" between tapes.

When I started working in recording studios we had tape, and everything was still analog, yet by being in Italy I missed the reference altogether until now.

Just woke up from a nightmare. In it, I built a website with a newsletter popup. Gotta take a shower now and cleanse myself of that filth

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