Would love a local timeline more aligned with my current self.

Used to be passionate about indie web and free software but once I discovered the smol web, the circumlunar space and plan9 during the last year; the big web does not feel like something I whant to fight for any more.

I'm into ferments, bread, permaculture, smol/slow tech, toy making, solarpunk.

Any sugestions?

boosts apreciated <3

Finalmente traduje mi self signed manifiesto.
Todavía no estoy seguro si apesto más del español al inglés o del inglés al español :p


Repliqué la página de 9/01 en html


Mínimo, sin js ni pop-ups ni nada. Unos pocos bytes para contar algo. No era paea eso la web?

Fixed ASCII art in all the 9/01 material.
Now it looks great in Arian, proxies, etc.
Something was wrong with the disk character. Copied the one from 100r capsule.
Thanks to @rek and @neauoire you allways rock!

Amé poñg!
de @chirrolafupa

Cada vez más convencido de perseguir el estado de deconstrucción permanente.

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@neauoire This idea that DIY is “privileged” is, pardon me, unmitigated horse shit. Anyone who is poor can tell you: being poor is nothing but DIY AND RETROTECH. If anything, it’s annoying when the more well heeled get into vintage, as it restricts access to older tech.

And if you can’t pay for fancy CS classes or software, options like smolnet / retro become jolly enticing as a good way to learn about infotech and deploy on old computers.

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Hot off the press: Pubnix Admin Interviews, #3: Ryan Sayre of skylab.org: cmccabe.sdf.org/pubnixhist/kra

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@Shufei @glenda Heads up, everybody running Molly Brown! Lots of new goodies have arrived, many of them only in the last week or so:


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New phase of Pubnix History Project described here: gopher://zaibatsu.circumlunar.

First interview out soon, will be linked from here gemini://rawtext.club

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Molly Brown's automatic directory listings will already replace the default "# Directory listing" text with the contents of `.mollyhead` if it exists. Now, you can set options in the config file to sort the files by name, size or modification time, in ascending or descending order. The final step is to allow replacing the filename of .gmi files (or whatever text/gemini extension is set by the user) with the contents of the first # header in the file. Then, it will be possible to maintain a Gemlog just by uploading the entries - a nice landing page with an introductory paragraph followed by a list of all entries in reverse time sorted order, with their human-friendly titles, will come for free. No more need to manually edit an index.gmi file each time you post. That will be a nice little simplification to my typical workflow!

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@cosullivan Thank you so much for posting your five questions and getting person-to-person writing happening in Geminispace! ❤️​

1590364556 Rejuvelac


- 100g de semillas o legumbres brotadas.
- 1l de agua sin cloro.


- Dejar fermentar a temperatura ambiente.
- Descartar las semillas.
- Agregar limón, etc. a gusto o usar para quesos y yogures veganos.

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linux is not the kernel we need but it's the one we deserve

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