@neauoire @chirrolafupa

I've just read them and absolutely agree. I like wellcoming safe spaces with clear boudaries.

@neauoire @chirrolafupa

There's my capsule at the republic wich I'm starting to replicate in html. Would love to join merveiles. Most of what inspires me lately comes from there and the circumlunar space.

Would love a local timeline more aligned with my current self.

Used to be passionate about indie web and free software but once I discovered the smol web, the circumlunar space and plan9 during the last year; the big web does not feel like something I whant to fight for any more.

I'm into ferments, bread, permaculture, smol/slow tech, toy making, solarpunk.

Any sugestions?

boosts apreciated <3

@chirrolafupa Qué alegría compartirlo!
Más que invitade a compartir la búsqueda y discutir el asunto!

Finalmente traduje mi self signed manifiesto.
Todavía no estoy seguro si apesto más del español al inglés o del inglés al español :p


@chirrolafupa It's a valid unicode character but for some reason it does not work everywhere.
Sorry about it.

Repliqué la página de 9/01 en html


Mínimo, sin js ni pop-ups ni nada. Unos pocos bytes para contar algo. No era paea eso la web?

Fixed ASCII art in all the 9/01 material.
Now it looks great in Arian, proxies, etc.
Something was wrong with the disk character. Copied the one from 100r capsule.
Thanks to @rek and @neauoire you allways rock!

Amé poñg!
de @chirrolafupa

Cada vez más convencido de perseguir el estado de deconstrucción permanente.


siii! Un placer comparir un poco en la lengua de uno. A esta altura mi lado nerd piensa en un spanglish muy raro :p

@chirrolafupa @neauoire @exquisitecorp

My wife is getting into wood craft and started to work in the "hardware".
Would absolutely love to see 9binary as a papiercomputing storage.


@maleza @sozialwelten Feel like toy is just a thing which you can play with however you whant. It can try to sugest certain way by design but there are no strings attached. I find this preety exciting. As a toy maker you can try to express through the existence of the thing instead of a pile of rules. Much more open ended. Much less explicit.


@sozialwelten I've been thinking about toy vs. game too. Trying to establish the difference.

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