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Firefox 72 is out today with great updates:

1⃣ Blocks fingerprinting tracking by default
2⃣ Hides annoying notification requests by default
3⃣ Introduces picture-in-picture video

If you haven't switched yet, here's what you're missing out on

It's #PublicDomainDay in the US and around the world.

And unlike every year but one in recent memory, the US get's to participate!

I wrote a #Blog post about it:

There you can see some of the works that entered the #PublicDomain this year, and maybe listen to a neat cover of Rhapsody in Blue or watch Sherlock Jr.

New digiKam 7.0 has support for neural network based facial recognition. They also say the new framework can be used for recognizing other types of objects (landmarks, objects, etc.) in the future. Very nice for people thinking of moving away from Google Photos.

@eel #ass: everyone has one. They remind us we are of the earth. Everyone appreciates them.

@armitage уверен что именно уволил? Не доверяю я этим роботам, это её «здесь только я» пугает

capitalist hellscape 

Blocks, mutes, filters 

Windows 10 Desktop: Physically building and photographing the logos (2015)

(submitted by iudqnolq)

I need to get something off my chest. Buckle up folks.

I'm deeply concerned about the future of the #fediverse and open social protocols. NOT because of the recent Twitter news, but quite the opposite.

The way so many poo-poo'd and decried those efforts was heartbreaking. It shows a severe blind spot in the "libre" community.

Listen, if you don't understand why Twitter, why iOS, why Microsoft (back in the day), etc. is popular, you just don't get this fight.



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