I need to get something off my chest. Buckle up folks.

I'm deeply concerned about the future of the #fediverse and open social protocols. NOT because of the recent Twitter news, but quite the opposite.

The way so many poo-poo'd and decried those efforts was heartbreaking. It shows a severe blind spot in the "libre" community.

Listen, if you don't understand why Twitter, why iOS, why Microsoft (back in the day), etc. is popular, you just don't get this fight.


UI/UX will win with users EVERY DAMN TIME. The only way free protocols can get any mainstream traction is if the UI/UX is *as good if not better* than proprietary alternatives.

People will use Twitter, IG, Facebook, etc. for the rest of time…if the UX is way better. Period. End of discussion.

That's why Twitter's foray into open protocols is SO IMPORTANT. If they can bring their UX knowhow into the discussion, that's a GOOD THING. This can't just be libre-geek-hacker world forevermore.


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@jared Totally agreed... It'd be nice if there were more #UX focused conversations going within #foss/open software projects. It's been a long-standing complaint of mine that so many foss apps are... well, clunky and hard to use.

@jared Of course, maybe that shows that more of us #UX and #design focused people just need to get involved and offer our services. I feel as though people like @dansup are doing a good job with that: both paying attention to UX and design, and crowdsourcing expertise by reaching out to the talented people around them.

@dragfyre @dansup Yeah, there's a lot of good work going on and I don't mean to besmirch anyone's FOSS contributions. I'm just concerned about the general tone of conversation which discounts commercial software/networks because it's proprietary without understanding the benefits of large, well-funded teams when it comes to UX. We need to respect and learn from their progress, not just ignore or belittle it.


@jared I wonder if FOSS is too stuck in mindset of creating tools. Of course, pragmatic tools were the first priority but now FOSS is finally expanding into social networks, and they're more entertainment than tools.

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