Today I helped a big client to set up Skadnetwork Conversion Values schema for more than 400 apps. I'm so happy when I do a really useful things

I asked my boss what to read about and leadership. The best book about leadership in product management is "The last place on Earth" by Roland Huntford
I read only several citations from it. One of them was about calculation of dogs knowing that they are "transport" at the way to the pole and "food" at the opposite way.
Ordered. Let's read 😊

I've just finished the book "Show your work!" by Austin Kleon. The extract:
- Just share your work at the end of the day, a small piece. Because it will attract the environment around you: people who thinks the same, who does the same
- Don't be a hoarder: share and you get back more
- Process is not less interesting as result: take people behind the scene
- How to censor: use "So what?" test. Think like each your reader can fire you
- Learn to sell out your work

I hate Elon Musk. It's a person who drilling holes under LA for his cars and says it's a philanthropy. He produces cars with extremely high utilisation costs from rare materials mined by slave-labor. He kills our planet by hundreds of his spacex launches. Even evil Besos seems like a baby near by such a devil

One of the greatest problems for me in fediverse is content aggregation. I want to unite all my channels and all feeds which I collected for myself. I would like to collect all my twitter, telegram, mastodon, diaspora and other feeds in one place. I've seen the , but it's too complicated to set it up out of the box. Do you know other solutions to aggregate content?

GOD LEVEL OF MARKETING (This is a complete readme, by the way)

After some research on indie-web/web3/self-hosted solutions, I came to sad thoughts. Nobody needs web 3.0 for itself, because it's just a bunch of tools/services that have not been developed into a whole self-valuable product. People need other people, but not another online island without people. But while the enthusiasts are there, we have a chance to build it up into something bigger. Which problem of web 3.0 is the worst in your opinion?

My personal top of self-hosted apps:
- Nextcloud - cloud service with plenty of plugins
- tt-rss - rss aggregator with automatic labels
- Wallabag - saves pages from browser to read later /w tags

Do you have favourite self-hosted apps?


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