Still looking for some good #folklore #folklorist or #folkhorror accounts. Also #archaeology & #archaeologist ones. I had a great set on the site which shall not be named and miss the content greatly.

Had a question about bots, so here's some info:

Some accounts on Mastodon are marked as "bot" by their owners. It just means that the posts are automated and there's probably no one monitoring the account.

To mark your account as a "bot", log in through the website, click on "Edit Profile", tick "this is a bot account" and then click "save changes".

Some bots *are* monitored by their developers though, who may answer on the bot's behalf.

Also, some bots are actually interactive and the bot itself will reply to you in an automated way. A good example of this is the text adventure bot at:


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How can journalists and other evidence seekers better address digital risks 🤔?

Join the webinar “Information Security starts in your head” & learn about:
-risk assessment & threat modeling
-evaluating tools
-how to get help
👉events.exposingtheinvisible.or and #academics on other instances: any interest in a virtual writing group this summer? I've chatted with a few people who are looking for such support.

The first episode of Canadalandback is out. It's a monthly, Indigenous-led podcast hosted by Ryan McMahon.

The episode talks about the Dechinta school, the only land-based, university-accredited program in the world.

The fediverse is a true social network, in that it actually requires you to do "networking" and be "social."

Think of it like a crowded pub. There are no celebrities here. You'll need to make an effort to meet people, no algorithm pushes content on you. To find more people, and new content, you'll need to talk to people, and see what they're into. You can move around, but you need to get along with people sitting near you.

These are commonly labeled "problems," but I consider them "features." #feditips

If you're new here

A lot of people won't accept a follow request, or might (soft-)block you if your profile doesn't have an avatar/header/bio/any posts at all

This isn't personal

It's just a learned response that is protective against spammy follow-bots

If you give us something to go on, you may find that people get much friendlier! :)

Fedi: opportunity to be influencer? No
Fedi: opportunity to think critically about tools I use to share knowledge and experiences, the people who develop them, and my impacts on my community? Yes

please remember to not only tip your admin and mods,

but support the people who fight to make the fedi a safer place

marcia was a Big part in helping to establish the FediBlock tag with me, which so many people use to coordinate and block bad actors and malicious instances

please help out her GFM or subscribe, buy a print, or just tip and the various links in the bio @CaribenxMarciaX

ty for all u do 💖

(my links are pinned on my profile)

PSA to newcomers, crossposting 

#PSA: to newcomers!

Some of you might be tempted to #crosspost between 🐦 and 🐘. As a general rule of thumb, crossposting is frowned upon.

🐦 ➡️ 🐘: try not to do this, but if you really want to, avoid RTs & limit to personal tweets. Set post visibility on 🐘 as "unlisted", so the local timeline is less noisy.
🐘 ➡️ 🐦: usually fine, but don't crosspost replies or boosts, respect privacy of others.

Welcome again & hope you are here to stay.

#FediTip for #NewHere

Why you shouldn't give racists a warning 

1. It sends the message "It's okay to do this, you'll just get a warning"

2. Allowing them to continue on your instance tells the people they harassed that now it's on *them* to figure out how to share the space with the harasser

3. It allows racists to push the limits of how racist they can get

4. If you let them get away with a certain level of "warnable" racism before, it opens you up to accusations of hypocrisy if you try to crack down on it later

📢 Open call for partners!
Are you interested in promoting conversations about disinformation, data, and privacy?
Apply and get:
-Free access to materials and resources
-Constant support and advice
-Promotion within our networks

Deadline:15th May 2022

The curb cut effect: for example, media descriptions right here on Mastodon help people who use screen readers, but they are also useful for explaining the joke for people who don’t get it, for translations of text, and for copy-pasting what would otherwise be just an image of text.

In France, over a million people have opened a "solidarity economy savings account" that invests in solidarity enterprises, many of which are cooperatives. The popularity of the accounts is booming.

Here is my article about this promising phenomenon - it is an issue of a weekly newsletter that covers existing success stories & exciting new ideas about the future of the cooperative movement.

Consider subscribing, every new subscriber makes me very happy :)

vent, anti-blackness 

It's illuminating when people use terms coined as anti-black dogwhistles as legitimate language of cultural critique ("cancel culture," ironic uses of "woke," "cancel," and other AAVE terms). There's zero daylight between the coinage of those usages and terms like "SJW" or "snowflake"

The phrase "cancel culture" came straight from the fox news-ish sphere of fascist influence to dismiss black critiques of fascism, and it spread from there to other racist or credulous whites.

Ninety-eight per cent of Nunavik Inuit speak Inuktitut as their first language. This should be celebrated, not hindered during the Decade of Indigenous Languages, which Canada supports. Bill 96 will create greater impediments to accessible health care for Inuit and First Nations people. The bill will worsen health and health care, instead of improving it.


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