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~2% of users dont have support for CSS custom properties. 5% is generally my cutoff point though. For better or worse 🤷

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I'm making the switch to using CSS custom props across the whole site after seeing another dev doing the same yesterday on a big project.

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I think it's probably because I feel much more comfortable getting the initial style choices out the way; type, color, layout.

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Is darkmode a good place to start when making a new site? Probably not but it's hella making my brain itch

Wish I could just hack out simple js components and have it sit in sketch/figma instead of pixel pushing and faffing with layers

Linking a theme object to the :root with styled components createGlobalStyle 🔥

So whats the difference here between Home, Local, and Federated streams?

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When you're researching design for a new project and you see something that looks amazing... ideas start sparking all over the place


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