if there is one piece of advice i could give to anyone, like me, who maybe doesn't do as much exercise as they should: buy a single speed bike, and cycle everywhere.

cycle to work, cycle to the shops, cycle to the pub.

my anxiety is down, i sleep like a baby, and i'm losing weight!

plus, i'm not destroying the planet, i'm not taking up valuable city space, and not polluting the air around me and my neighbours.

buy a fucking bike.

challenge to anyone who sees this.

open up a notepad app, or grab a piece of pen and paper. write down the things that are important to you.

your goals, your aspirations, whatever.

are any of them related to your job?

i hope not.

i'm not sure if anyone interested in in the follows me, but if you see this...

please support independent media. i've just started a monthly donation to , as i think their work is incredibly important.

if you're sick of the guardian or the new statesmen peddling the same bullshit as murdochs empire, then please please please support independent media.

as a leftist, it's not enough to just say "things should be better", you need to be part of the change.

you should go for the regular bowel movement. all i'm saying.

it's like, ok, you don't have a problem with black or brown people so long as they have FULLY ASSIMILATED and act just like your white british friends.

this isn't something they expect of white americans or canadians, so why brown bangladeshi or black jamaicans?

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i've noticed quite a depressing trend with a lot of my white friends, coworkers, etc. that i'm not too happy about.

they'll have a few 2nd/3rd generation british black/brown friends, and claim not to be racist, yet will pick up on things, complain about things that 1st gen or not fully assimilated non-white people do.

what are peoples favourite, nonstandard command line tools? (basically, don't tell me ls or mkdir.)

i love pandoc, i use it for all sorts. reading documentation, making my cv, even writing blog posts.

i've also recently started using ledger to keep track of my finances, but it might take a little longer for me to fall in love with it.

i think everyone should , i've learned so much about myself from thoughts i seem to have daily.

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it's amazing how much more exciting software dev is when it's a personal project with an actual use case rather than whatever it is the fuck i do at work.

it's my only insight into how meaningful work could be more enjoyable. most professional software dev work seems... mostly pointless?

is there an open way of sharing playlists?

obviously, you can share playlists by creating one in spotify, apple music, etc., but what if you want to share with someone on another platform?

you can also throw it all into a single file and upload it to youtube or share the file around, but what if you want to shuffle/edit the playlist?

there must be a nice way of sharing playlists that isn't entirely proprietary, does anyone know it?

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just voted. it was fun. we should do it more often.

should go without saying i fucking love bikes

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