Based on the previous posts and on the Roadmap highlighted we are looking for new people who would like to join us to make this happen.
The community network may start earning of the rewards which may be swapped to tokens after the launch of staking process.
Going into new world of communication, communities and media we would like to build the new future together with partner projects, builders, communities, investors to bring the best experience and sustainability.

Twenty years ago today, Dave Winer published the final RSS 2.0 spec. Thank you Dave, for providing the web with the plumbing that let's me read the web at volume every day.


4 Best Mastodon clients for Android (from my perspective)

1. #Tusky
𝗣𝗿𝗼: Responsive - Easy to understand and easy to navigate - Always update new Mastodon' features
𝗖𝗼𝗻: None

2. #Mastodon Official App
𝗣𝗿𝗼: Responsive - Simple - Elegant
𝗖𝗼𝗻: Load media is a litle more slowly than Tusky

3. #Fedilab
𝗣𝗿𝗼: Feature-rich
𝗖𝗼𝗻: Cramped UI

4. #tooot
𝗣𝗿𝗼: Simple - Intuitive
𝗖𝗼𝗻: Unbalanced UI

ATTN fedizens,

The #SocialHub is dedicated to providing help to app developers, discuss refinements + additions to #ActivityPub and #ActivityStream open standards, find best-practices to improve #interoperability between apps.

➡️ @activitypub SocialHub dedicates to improving the #Fediverse.

Like all organization in our grassroots environment, people must step up to keep #community vibrant and useful. Fedi health and future is at stake.

A #poll on SocialHub's future..

Hi! In continuation of the topic (, we wanted to say that Everyone can try to create their own Space for and sell them inside community network and also share publicly.
To do this, just log in and follow the link 🔗 and then follow the navigation.
Stay tuned 💫

Communication is the basis of education. It is clear that we live in era when communication is the basic capital that we operate.

In addition to Digital Audio Distribution we are adding music video distribution feature to PublMe - Distribute:

- Apple Music video

You can now register and distribute your music video using the existing VEVO channel or creating a new one.

What is PublMe ?
Originally, being created to be the full-cycle platform for musicians to “live” there and monetize their creativity, it became something bigger than just a platform. It became the Home and Space for everyone where they can not only get rewarded for their streams and educational courses which they make, but also connect inside the community network and create own communities, either for doing business or for having fun.

why do they keep calling them metaverses? they should at least have the decency to call them by their proper name: Roblox clones.

Once more we would like to tell a few words about how you can get monetization of your activity on  .

PublMe platform was created specially for this and we are ready to support you in your every step there.

Read more and visit the page clicking on the link below.

I think this is true...for the bigger mainstream social nets. Leaving room for ad hoc, smaller networks, and social.

"Social networking as we know it is likely on its way out
Facebook’s morph into a TikTok-like platform could spell the beginning of the end for social networking. "

I guess the reason nobody is doing anything with federated communities is that they don't really know what it means or how to go about it. Let's change that.

A community is nothing more than groups of people with aligned interests. There are a number of ways you can create these structures in the fediverse. One is through groups. This is the most popular. So is organising by "following" hashtags. This has a number of flaws, but was advocated by Diaspora some years ago and has a number of adherents.  With the rise of Mastodon a few years ago, we saw the emergence of communities as themed websites.

We support all of these, but we're also doing something which enhances the possibilities in some new and different ways. That is "aligned/connected websites" or federated communities.

Here's how that works...

Joe runs and Fred runs and they discover their users are closely aligned. So let's connect these website communities into a new community called "spunjbobber". Joe visits the channel manager and switches to the "site channel" and changes his site name to spunjbobber. So does Fred. Now if you look at the Communities app you'll find a new community type called "spunjbobber" containing two sites. We're almost there. Now Joe (still connected to the site channel) connects to This connects one site channel to the other. Fred does the same (or just approves the connection). Now these two sites will share all their public posts and both will be visible in each other's public stream (in addition to or instead of any other sites that they permit in their public stream). So both sites have become a federated community and the members and content of each are more discoverable to each other than if they were isolated websites.

Want to follow a community without joining it? Anybody can follow the site channel of any site or community and (if approved) receive the stream of public posts from that site or community. So if you had a bicycle community containing 6 different sites, one could follow all of these sites as a single community and get the public posts from all of them. This last step isn't yet implemented (it's possible to connect manually to each but not yet automatically to all), but that's where we're going.

That's the high level summary. There are still a few rough edges but the infrastructure for this has been evolving over the last year or two in the (streams) repository and is usable today.  You're welcome to improve on it or make suggestions or adapt it for your own needs.

“My favorite forms of content discovery are still rooted in manually reviewing things:

RSS (with @feedly)
Trusted friends who know your cultural interests

Anything surfaced via algorithms is hit or miss or served for platform-benefit reasons.”

If you want an alternative solution to the current industry simply don't buy from it, don't spend money on it and don't support it. Go for independents and you will see many interesting things around...

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