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Hey android folx how the hell do you scan QR codes? In using

had to explain RSS to two fellow gen z-ers

me: its kind of like subscribing for updates on a website, before "following" was a thing.

them: oh, is that something new?

me: actually closed "following" on walled gardens, like twitter, kind of killed out a lot of RSS for our generation, but there are people who still use it and find it handy

them: wait, so i don't need to make an account?

me: no.

Hot take: I think the government should support and donate to Mozilla. Firefox could be the people's browser. Free. Open source. Available to all. The government could mandate that all websites built for the government must work with Firefox. Ideally, Mozilla could stop taking Google money and stop trying to figure out how to serve us ads in order to raise funds. Is anyone advocating for such an idea?


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