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Is there really not CalDAV and CardDAV server service that I could just apt install onto a little intel nuc? I wish I was that type of developer. I swear I'd just build it my damn self.

The name is very boss imo. InterPlanetary File System.

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Ok so should I be mad about IPFS or is it cool? They're describing it as "like bit torrent" but I swear I thought I saw someone describing it as block chain?

It's kind of irritating that some people seem to use block chain and decentralized as synonyms.

I'm thinking about making a couple starter projects and I notice many of the existing starter projects are tailwind and alpinejs. Mine will not be that. Maybe I just call mine eleventy web0 or something.

Oh ffs. The frontmatter add-in for vscode that I'm using auto-updated and now the stupid thing is so different that i can't even figure out how to use it.

I'm no longer in favor of auto-update. Down with auto-update!

I suppose I found a reason to keep my little iPhone SE 2nd Gen around. ;)

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H/t to @kev for bringing this to my attention but I fixed the text-decoration for Safari users. TIL, `text-decoration` is a shorthand property and Safari needs the vendor prefix to make it work. I changed to using the standard properties (??) of `text-decoration-style` and `text-decoration-color`.

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Is it literally just backup /etc/apache2/ and /var/www/htmldirs? So the restore process would be that in reverse but I worry about the certificate parts.

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I'm kind of shocked that "how to backup and restore apache2 on linux" isn't doing it. 😑

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Hey sysadmins, can anyone recommend a guide for backing up and restoring apache HTTP configuration?

Use case: I host my web site on a VPS. If I wanted to change VPS hosts, I want to have a well understood, documented and practiced approach for making the change.

Have you guys seen any great implementations of web mentions on static sites? I think I want to start researching possibilities.

To celebrate the official 1.0 release of , I decided to redesign my site with the new version.
Say hello to v4!

Generating clicks from outrage works in both politics and technology I think. I unfollow the outrage merchants, even (especially?) if I happen to agree with them.

now I can make my website look like it was made by a wealthy corporation

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