Does anyone have any sort of tools or workflows for getting email messages out of cloud providers and specific email clients? Would love an option to “archive message locally” as pdf when I want to archive a message.

How have the covid numbers been looking in the US? Are trends going down yet??

What quality do you encode your jpeg files at for general web site use? I’ve been doing 80% but just saw someone talking about 60%!

As the threads of the carpets intermingle for millions of years, a cat finally emerges out of bindings.

genocide mention 

"You see, the written word has been invented three times in history, so far as we know: once in Mesopotamia, once in China, and once in Mesoamerica. From this third invention, where once there were thousands of books in the Mayan language, just four survived. Four books from an entire civilization, all the rest having vanished to the bonfires of a sixteenth century bishop named Diego de Landa."

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Hi friends. I write about how I'm going be leaning into Power Platform instead of just holding my nose and doing it.
Leaning into Power Platform

Google fired another woman working in the ethics of AI... because she was looking into why they fired the woman before her who was working in the ethics of AI.

I’ve always made it a point to get my news directly from the respective sources. I follow them directly with my RSS reader or subscribe and have their app on my iPad. But also,
Facebook pulled news in Australia. Here's why that matters everywhere - CNET

Hey users: at least make them pay for it, like this guy does. 🙃

Or if you'd prefer to just keep this stuff to yourself — #GetSession.

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One of the things I've learned, am learning, and have been slow to learn is to only make space for the people who are enthusiastically participating.

Petition to retcon all Space Marines as non-binary

I see that Parler is back online. Their case reminds me that no amount of federation or distributed access can make us resilient to other people’s rules. I could own my own server but I’m still reliant on the DNS provider and ISP to not kick me off.

Eulogies are an interesting window into how to live.

They talk about the shots you take, not the ones you miss; The epic once-in-a-lifetime love, not settling; Who you are and how you treat people, not what you signal.

You get one life. Make it count.

The big thing holding me back from divesting from google is YouTube. There is no better way to learn something new than to search YouTube for it. It’s the only service I use from google on purpose. And I like it. I get a lot of value from it.

Always kind of strikes me as odd when people write about themselves in the 3rd person on their About pages.

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