Hey , my dream machine pro comes with cloudflare ( and google ( as the dns resolvers configured. Are there better options. I'd really rather not use either.

well first impressions aren't great for me... looks like they're pushing some crypto wallets or services or some shit. i had to hide like 6 panels of the shit.

Is this how they're monetizing?

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Now if I can figure out how to set onion brave search as the default search engine for tor...... 🧐

Plus it seems they're a for profit company. Will they have the same moral hazards as Apple? They build up their brand on being private etc but then the fiduciary responsibility to share holders start to out weigh their responsibility to users/customers. Are these people just looking for a big payout at some point when they sell to Yahoo or Facebook or whatever?

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Kind of hate that Brave uses chromium. Maybe I should stop resisting and just use the dumb thing though? I'm testing Tor on the desktop and I've found it tolerable.

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Am I misremembering, or did I see a feature request for Mastodon to add the ability to automatically delete toots after x amount of time?

Hello. I do not have an opinion on TouchBar. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

Hey , I'm interested in your thoughts on fitness trackers. I used an Apple Watch 4 series to track my walks, hikes and bike rides. I used the Strava app and it worked really well IMO. I'm interested in using something other than Apple. Any recommendations? Hard requirement is no Fitbits (google). Otherwise, pretty open to something. Would love it to integrate with Strava. What do you like?

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