Is there a website that summarizes and grades apps/products/services on privacy? Like, they go read their privacy policy and tell us in simple language what they’re doing?

@celia @obsolete29 ahaha, yeah. That's used by Privacy Essentials of DuckDuckGo. I see it doubled known services since 2020 😜 😂

Ranted about this before:

@bekopharm Dang - is there anyone else in this space?

One of my pain points with mastodon is transitioning between devices. When I'm on the sofa, or back patio wherever, I use my ipad and the @tootapp. It's really good and I like it. But when I come to my computer (like now), there's just no way to sync up the timeline as there isn't a mac tootapp. Trying to use the web interface between the devices isn't great from a syncing perspective either. I miss tweetbot. wru tootbot :(

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