What so you folks use for music that's not spotify? Android/Linux thank you please.

@obsolete29 On Android: NewPipe to play stuff off Youtube, Music Player GO to play music files I've copied on to the phone. On FreeBSD, various programs that I can point at my media directory - Audacious, Clementine, XMMS.

@richard @obsolete29 It is! However I just learned that the ads in the free version use an exorbitant amount of data. I've had the paid version for awhile so I wasn't aware. It's been worth the buck fifty to me, but YMMV

@obsolete29 Navidrome server with music files, Ultrasonic Android Client, Sublime Music (or Navidrome web depending on what I feel like) Linux desktop client

@obsolete29 I use funkwhale, which has several apps to choose from. It is federated and you can host your own (QOTO hosts ones which is what I use).

Feel free to use it as well. There are a few libraries you can follow floating around so you dont need to provide your own music.

@obsolete29 Nicotine+ as a frontend for Soulseek for downloads and play it via NCMPCPP which is about the best music player ever as long as i am concerned - aaaand whatever app on the phone, so far i tried about a dozen and all of them sucked. :D

@obsolete29 I've heard a lot of good stuff about Jellyfin, but so far I'm using rhythmbox on Linux and "linageos eleven" aka. "Music" on Android with Nextcloud to sync the few albums I listen to.

If you want something closer to Spotify however, the Jellyfin direction seems to be the way to go.

@obsolete29 I use cmus as my music player, with local files gained from bandcamp, piracy, and youtube-dl.

@obsolete29 Regarding your questions:
Music: privacy doesn’t like streaming. So, local files you can either sync with Syncthing or just copy to your device (yes that is natively possible on Android). Vanilla is a no frills music player for Android.
Paswords: same applies: privacy doesn’t like cloud. Keepass is the answer (and syncing with Syncthing). You notice the pattern here?

@obsolete29 One of the perks of OSS :). Just make sure to use one that can handle .kdbx files and that’s actively maintained

@elieuw Hey thanks for all your input. I'm curious about what your solution for contact management is on linux? I'm feeling pretty frustrated about the lack of native CardDAV support in PopOS/Ubuntu and the lack of any sort of sync tool like DAVx5 on Android. :(

@obsolete29 I used Nextcloud for that, in combination with DAVx5 on the phone and Evolution on the desktop.

@obsolete29 record+cd collection, local file collection (actually on shared server with some friends), Internet radios, Funkwhale. Never used spotify properly.


I use a Telegram bot @ SongRefBot to download DRM free music, and listen to local copies of it.

@obsolete29 Clementine on Linux, Vanilla Music and RadioDroid on Android

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