Hmmm you know, on one hand they're co-opting my intention to search duckduckgo. Or rather, they're inserting themselves into that process. ๐Ÿง

@obsolete29 found the retard who thinks searching with duckduckgo does anything besides send your personal data to both duckduckgo and google instead of just google
Isn't DuckDuckGo using Bing though? Also, I don't trust these proxy search sites either, but have to use Startpage, since Searx just doesn't cut it a lot of the time.
@okabe_rintarou @obsolete29 if it does that then it sends your personal data to duckduckgo, google, AND bing. Duckduckgo definitely forwards your search, completely intact, directly to Google and serves you the result

@obsolete29 Awful. A decade of calamitous Mozilla decisions have brought them to this.

@obsolete29 Oh come on, can this week get any worse? I thought having to deal with Outlook thrice in three days was bad enough!

@obsolete29 Too bad Brave runs on Chromium but I guess it was easier to fork that Quantum or whatever FireFox used before (Gecko?). Brave has really figured out how to make money with a browser without insulting the user.
@coolboymew @obsolete29 @josh Become a yandex fag. It's better to have the KGB spy on you than the FBI (soy)
@SneedsterSpeedster @coolboymew @obsolete29 I use Yandex / Bing / Brave search. Brave tends to be the worst but Bing and Yandex have gotten good.
@josh @SneedsterSpeedster @obsolete29 Ah, I thought we were talking about the browser. There's a Brave search?

Unfortunately DDG is absolute dog shit and I gotta stop using it soon
@coolboymew @obsolete29 @SneedsterSpeedster I do use the browser on my phone and computer. I shill it a lot because it's a good way for the forum to generate revenue. It really, really helps.
@coolboymew @obsolete29 @SneedsterSpeedster It varies quite a bit month to month but it's enough to basically take the burden of the forum expenses off me. I still need to make money in other ways to pay for myself and I have long-term plans that I'm saving up for.
@maxmustermann @obsolete29 @SneedsterSpeedster @josh @coolboymew Brave is the best. Its really fast, built in adbocker that just works, and lets me toss pennies at Jewsh every month with out hassle or doxing myself. I place the ads on the bottom right of my screen. Dead space there normally anyways.
@josh @obsolete29 do you think Brave will reach Firefox-userbase-size status or just chill as a sub-100M browser?
@Lil_Hog @obsolete29 Has Brave not already eclipsed FireFox? Kind of surprised. I think Brave will continue to grow. Brendan Eich is a skilled businessman.
@josh @obsolete29 Brave's MAU is ~40M while Firefox's MAU is ~200M, IIRC.

Brave has been steadly increasimg its userbase while FF kinda stagnated.
@Lil_Hog @obsolete29 FireFox is proof positive of diversity hires being awful ideas.

>Eich starts company.
>Beats the only other browser in existence.
>Dabs on gays.
>Company kicks out Eich.
>Hire gays to repent.
>Company is ruined.
>Eich starts new company.
>Hires egalitarian.
>Beats old company.

what a chad.
@josh @Lil_Hog @obsolete29 Who would have thought that hiring someone based on their bedroom preferences was a bad idea...
@Pepito I think kink-based hiring is an amazing idea for a software company. @obsolete29 @Lil_Hog @josh
@meshy @obsolete29 @Lil_Hog @Pepito @josh The real question is which fetish makes for the best web developers. Feet? Inflation? Vore? Giantess? Race-mixing?
@Pepito @josh @Lil_Hog @obsolete29 The problem is hiring someone based on the WRONG preferences, like fag sex and troon genital mutilation
@Donald_McRonald @obsolete29 @Lil_Hog @josh That's debatable. You can burn degenerates on your own time. Just don't put them to work in places where they're only qualified by what they stick up their asses.
@josh @Lil_Hog @obsolete29 I'm surprised myself that I could switch so easily for Brave. There's no need for Trannyfox anymore.

@verretor @obsolete29 @Lil_Hog @josh is there a (reasonably convenient) way to run brave without the BAT bullshit?

@verretor @ademan @Lil_Hog @josh @obsolete29 What do you just have it turned off or just not signed up or something? I thought it just generated it on its own?
@Mossad @verretor @ademan @josh @obsolete29 it generates when an ad pops up. If you turn it off it doesn't generate any ads sou you don't get any BAT.

You can even disable that BAT icon too.
@Lil_Hog @ademan @josh @obsolete29 @verretor Thats good to know, i like the idea i just think Brave has a shit implemenation of it.
@verretor @Lil_Hog @ademan @josh @obsolete29 Fair enough, i just remember i suddenly started generating BAT on the desktop version a while ago so i removed it, moved to a hardened instance of firefox instead

@verretor @obsolete29 @Lil_Hog @Mossad @josh @ademan just to weigh in on this, bromite is better for the phone imho

@ademan @obsolete29 @Lil_Hog @josh @verretor You can disable the ads if that's what you mean. I use brave as my main browser in linux now on top of my other network layer ad filters.
@ademan @obsolete29 @josh @verretor You can disable it. I do it on my phone (pay is horrendous, idk why).
@josh @Lil_Hog @obsolete29 didn't that one asian chick he has on his team tweet she wants to police right wingers
@josh @obsolete29 Where do you spend Brave coin when you finally have enough to spend? Asking as someone who's enduring Brave's ad pops on his phone so he could eventually get dollar in braves
@EyelessMC @obsolete29 I actually use Uphold to directly transfer BAT I receive to my bank card I use for groceries and rent. So quite literally I use the Brave stuff to eat. Other income sources go to paying off KF's month-to-month expenses.

@obsolete29 At this point I do not even care anymore. Ungoogled chromium is replacing ff in my routines. I hate being that guy but my relationship to ff is hanging on the single string of belief in diversity. It is the only reason I keep it around. Yes Google is alread too powerful, yes we should all be using ff. But it is not happening. FF reminds me of windows phone. It is in this state where it is still just useful enough to work for a minority of users yet brings nothing new to the table.

@studioYI does ff not actually work for you? Curious about that because that's not been my experience

@obsolete29 It does. Yet chromium feels slicker and more minimalist. I like the profile switching and use it a lot in order to separate websites not just technically but also mentally. I can assign each profile a certain color theme. I like that I can turn websites into web apps and embed them into my os. Again helps me keep things in order mentally. Firefox just doesn't do these things the way i like them. Also I prefer Chromium's dev tools.

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