Am I the only weirdo who doesn't use any sort of ci/cd pipeline to build and publish a static site? I run the build locally and rsync to my vps web host. @kev

@ChrisWere haha it's the raw dogging of web development. Also, fuck it! I'll do it myself!

@obsolete29 I'm sure there are many people who do that. I just like the simplicity of connect to Git > Push changes > build is automatic.

@obsolete29 @kev I like having it reproducable and deployed from Git, it's more effort to set up to begin with but fits my work flow better. I'm a bit of a CI/CD nerd

@obsolete29 When I used Jigsaw, which is simple command-line PHP, I’d run the build on my (shared) host and simply set its output folder as the “document root.” @kev

@obsolete29 Markdown, templates, the actual output files _and_ the whole dang app, all on one and the same machine. Amazing. @kev

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