> Shuffle on #Apple Music.
> Search for something specific.
> Hit play.
> No audio????
> Quit and launch again.
> Works.


@ru Apple Music is loaded with issues, still use it though because I share an Apple One subscription, and don't want to pay for Spodcastify

@lkhrs @ru That's where I'm at too, and for similar reasons... though I've tried Tidal, Google’s ever changing service and Spotify (all paid at one point or another over the last two years) and I've found they all have plenty of issues.


I pay for YT Premium and consequently been using YT Music Premium for a while, but there are definitely random chunks of artists' albums missing.

I just joined a duo plan with my fiance for Spotify now for this reason.

Paying for music via bandcamp when possible, I think is still important when you can.

@lkhrs @ru

@ndanes @chris @lkhrs @ru techlore says apple music is actually one of the best choices for privacy when it comes to streaming music. It's multi platform and there's an open source desktop client.



I like TechLore, but I think the thing he forgets to emphasize is that Apple's privacy model is privacy from "others", but not really privacy of Apple.

I definitely think that makes it "more" private, but thinking you're completely private is missing the point.

The way I think about things like Spotify is data collection compartmentalization. Being in one company's ecosystem (e.g. Apple, Google, Microsoft) is far worse since they build up a more complete profile of you. With Spotify, sure they're selling my listening data to third parties, but I'm not sure how much that is linked to other services I use as a whole.

@chris @lkhrs @ru

@ndanes I don't think Techlore was suggestion that Apple Music is completely private. I certainly wasn't. Compared to Spotify & the others, it's more private. If privacy isn't a requirement then no worries, let's just keep it moving.

Spotify collects *much* more than just your listening history. They collect every bit of information from your devices that the app has permission to access. They also aggressively monetize the user data to data brokers. This is well documented.

@chris @lkhrs @ru


Oh I wasn't suggesting that he was. I'm saying the general public tends to think Apple does based on their marketing.

Spotify definitely is a privacy nightmare and I'm aware of what they collect. You pick your battles of what you're willing to put up with against the convenience of it.

@chris @lkhrs @ru

Am I the only one here listening to music using my own local library? Nowadays I mostly buy new stuff from Bandcamp, or iTunes store if I have to — recent example of the latter: Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum.

I should kick their asses for not being on Bandcamp.

@ndanes @obsolete29 @chris @lkhrs @ru


@m2m I've been rebuilding my mp3 library. I don't subscribe to any music stream services.

I even made a post about it.


@obsolete29 amazing post, I'm in the same spot. I've been using Swinsian on macOS, which I love, and syncing my library with Android with zero issues. Swinsian does a marvellous job of getting out of the way with its "watched folder" functionality. Smart folders complete the features I need from a digital music player. Ironically on Android the FOSS app I've been using behave the same.

@m2m I just use syncthing to sync phone with Linux. Works well!

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