What does suprise you more often?

@chris can also control apple tv with homepods. "hey Siri, pause". Also "hey Siri skip 90 seconds". Life chnager for us! 😬

@Pixificial have you looked into ham radio stuff? I feel like I've read about something about low bandwidth stuff being available

What way do you manage listening to music? Do you play playlists made up of a bunch of individual songs, pick an album and play it, play all songs by an artist, or something else?

@JamesMcK I def have playlists of favs by genre. But will listen to new albums all the way thru a few times, adding my favs to their appropriate genre playlist. Often I shuffle all tho!

@oh_that_courtney I buy physical media then Torrent the digital versions. I'm too lazy to rip but want to support my fav artists. I do the same with ebooks now. Buy drm free if possible. If not possible buy drm or physical version to support writer but then download drm free from z library.


US Pol 

@chris did you see the Kansas referendum news?

@chris I think you gotta have your own organizing principles. Do the practices of GitHub, Apple, Twitter and Spotify conflict with your principles or requirements? If yes, make changes with conviction because it's something you feel strongly about. No? Well, then don't pay attention to the FOTM news things about big tech. IMO!

We board the dead space hulk. It’s been lifeless for centuries. We start replacing corroded cabling to get life support functioning. Then we restore communications.

There’s a final unsent message in the buffers. We put it on screen.

From: Chief Engineer Nani, Cargo Vessel Akkadia
To: Copper merchant Ea-nasr, New Ur
Subject: Complaint about quality of copper in new CO₂ scrubbers

We turn the screen off. It’s a tale as old as time.


Microsoft ❤️ Open Source*

* Free labor they can exploit and resell at a premium

Y'all I really have to figure out a way to sync and save playlists between calyxos and linix

@zstix I saw a goofy saying on a shirt once that I really loved. I never fail. I just figured out what didn't work. 😬

In a previous life, we'd get banned if we used macros in games like Dark Age of Camelot or Eve Online. Now these companies are selling macros to companies but calling them "RPA bots" and making piles of cash.

They're sold as low code/no code solutions so companies don't have to hire developers to do things with system integrations. WILD.

Do you have Codeberg account?


Please boost if you are a programmer.

#GiveUpGithub #Codeberg #Programming

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