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👋 I'm Max. I mostly do /#web stuff. Spent a chunk of the past 6 years playing with (, and general tinkering. I blog about tech and niche games consoles.

When I post new blog content I'll probably here, and Twitter.

If you read something you like on my blog, send a !

You can find more about me on my website or my blog

I'm impressed with the size and quality of the Miyoo Mini. I think this might be my new daily driver.

🙈 I do not need more tech. I do not need more tech!

> Pocket Reform is a 7 inch mini laptop from MNT Research. We condensed the best features of MNT Reform into a smaller, lighter, and more affordable device while adding some new exciting details.

What are people using to draw charts on web pages these days?

I'm looking to visualise some data in a number of different ways in a blog post.

Ideally I'm looking for something preferably not dependency heavy.

Is d3.js still the de facto?

Some thoughts on #blogging, #decentralization, and #retrocomputing

I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging recently. These are some thoughts on how decentralisation technologies and retro computers can play together to make a cooler blogosphere.

Google trying to get people to engage with Google Chat by sending emails about missed messages on Google Hangouts in October 2020 🙄🤔

ThermoBeacon temperature sensor battery died recently. It takes CR2477 batteries that cost as much as the device itself!

Opened it up and hooked up an 18650 battery holder... Hoping 2500mAh will last a while longer! 😆

🥳 though I can't help feeling uncomfortable by how smooth Clarus is.

> Did you know that with macOS Ventura, Clarus the Dogcow has at long last returned home?

Love the pixel art on this. The technical side of things is super interesting too!

Discussion on HN:

New episodes of Airquotes the Podcast Airquotes from the May 2022 are up!

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