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👋 I'm Max. I mostly do /#web stuff. Spent a chunk of the past 6 years playing with (, and general tinkering. I blog about tech and niche games consoles.

When I post new blog content I'll probably here, and Twitter.

If you read something you like on my blog, send a !

You can find more about me on my website or my blog

like and share if you #remember this #classic hit compilation album released in the UK in the 1990s!

This is a great build log for converting a garage to a habitable workshop space.

Feeling bad that I've not done anything close to this with my garage yet!

The Mastodon instance has about 3600 users, only 4 (me included) are supporting @tchambers with a little contribution every month. So this is a reminder that running a server comes with fixed costs and contributing financially is the only way to support. Please have a look at and consider supporting too.

Using my Lenovo IdeaPad Chromebook as I'm away from home this week and didn't fancy bringing anything bigger.

I'm still constantly impressed with the amount of actual real work that can be done on it!

Having a full Linux environment available, and being able to run things such as Git, Jekyll and VS Code on such a portable device is great.

Anyway, long mention-of Webmentions shouldn''t render in their layout-breaking entirety anymore! @m2m

I just published "The different kinds of notes"

This is a pretty ambitious post where I outline my grand unified theory of note taking based on both recent research and years of study.

Lots in there. Something for everybody to disagree with 😁

I’ll probably even find a way to disagree with myself next time I read it 😆

Post about how I implemented the and on my static site. A few people expressed interest in such a write-up, I hope they weren't looking for something less dependent on third-parties...

This implementation works, I know what everything's doing and why. It's okay, but I'm aware it's the weakest part of my website, plus the only one where an actual third-party is involved.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy: @pete @tagomago @obsolete29 @CrowderSoup

Design, Digested 29 is out! In this issue:

- The last design you’ll ever make
- Designing for the autistic community
- Cautionary tales from cryptoland
- The “tender technicians” of Nielsen Norman Group videos
- Covid-19: a tech post-mortem
- Occlusion Grotesque 2022
- Michał Dyjuk – Cows can smell the scent of death

I dont see a lot of #100DaysToOffload hashtags recently ... everybody gave up ?

For the newcomers who own a blog, check it's a nice #challenge

The acquisition of Twitter by the egocentric Musk, made people go away from the centralized platform. And, that’s a good thing IMHO.

We’ve seen many new comers to the Fediverse recently, and since we are Friday, let’s do a #FF also known as #FollowFriday or #FollowFolks with accounts created less than six months ago.


There are currently 1816 blogs in the database. Most of them are very IT focused. I would love to have a more diverse field of topics. So if you know any cool personal blogs, plz suggest them here:

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