📣 My blog supports !

It's held together with duct tape, but it should all work... Interactions with this toot should appear on the post

@omgmog That's so cool! Once I get some spare time to work on my site again I'm going to start doing stuff like this.

@trainingmontage It's a great yak to shave! There are a number of implementations to make the process easier, but it's quite fun rolling your own too! ⌨️ 🔥

@omgmog I used to have the same feeling about duct tape, but then, after a few months, it's been working fine on my website.

@m2m Yeah I imagine it's fine, but I can't help but worry that it depends on so many moving pieces, and two external services (, and, and it's all fetched/processed on the client-side. I'll get around to caching the webmentions myself somewhere at some point...

@omgmog Very cool. But doesn't using external services kind of defeat the whole purpose?

@omgmog This post isn't showing up on the blog for some reason. But it is showing up on Strange.

@Hyolobrika Ah the joys of posting that you've done something, then continuing to fiddle with it! By default was returning just the latest 20 responses. Looks like I need to implement pagination properly. For now I've increase the responses limit. Cheers!

@Hyolobrika Yes and no. Services such as are essential to get webmentions from platforms that don't fully implement microformats such as Twitter, Reddit, etc. is a pretty handy go-between to store webmentions as I'm currently serving a static Jekyll site. I've got plans to eventually spin up my own endpoint and cache on a server somewhere, but not enough hours in the day 😭

@omgmog Guess that plugin needs some improvements to avoid using duct tape 😜 Just kidding, this is very useful addon

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