I'm impressed with the size and quality of the Miyoo Mini. I think this might be my new daily driver.

ThermoBeacon temperature sensor battery died recently. It takes CR2477 batteries that cost as much as the device itself!

Opened it up and hooked up an 18650 battery holder... Hoping 2500mAh will last a while longer! 😆

Using my Lenovo IdeaPad Chromebook as I'm away from home this week and didn't fancy bringing anything bigger.

I'm still constantly impressed with the amount of actual real work that can be done on it!

Having a full Linux environment available, and being able to run things such as Git, Jekyll and VS Code on such a portable device is great.

Anyway, long mention-of Webmentions shouldn''t render in their layout-breaking entirety anymore! @m2m

Welp. Looks like I'm reinstalling macOS tonight! Think I'll roll back to Big Sur!


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