I'm impressed with the size and quality of the Miyoo Mini. I think this might be my new daily driver.

🙈 I do not need more tech. I do not need more tech!

> Pocket Reform is a 7 inch mini laptop from MNT Research. We condensed the best features of MNT Reform into a smaller, lighter, and more affordable device while adding some new exciting details.


What are people using to draw charts on web pages these days?

I'm looking to visualise some data in a number of different ways in a blog post.

Ideally I'm looking for something preferably not dependency heavy.

Is d3.js still the de facto? d3js.org

@fluffy It looks like there are other instances of these mis-(aligned? encoded? referenced?) emoji, such as "Heavy multiplication" rendering as "Heavy Plus Sign" (answers.microsoft.com/zh-hans/)

According to the response there, the correct way to file a bug about this is through the Feedback Hub 🤷

I suppose an issue against this repo might also be correct? github.com/MicrosoftDocs/typog

@fluffy annoying in typical usage, but I guess if it's a single change (as it will be for me to go from "↗" to "\2197 \FE0E"), I can't complain that much 😬

@fluffy It turns out there is a variant selector glyph you can use to control this behavior, but it's not exactly simple to type or select.

To force non-emoji rendering: codepoints.net/U+FE0E

To force emoji rendering: codepoints.net/U+FE0F

Some thoughts on #blogging, #decentralization, and #retrocomputing


I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging recently. These are some thoughts on how decentralisation technologies and retro computers can play together to make a cooler blogosphere.

@fluffy ah yeah I can see how that might be a problem! It's always a risk when using emoji in place of an icon or basic Unicode glyph. You're at the mercy of the platform's implementation.

I've noticed this recently when using ↗ -- as a basic Unicode glyph it's simple/unobtrusive, but the emoji variant commonly has a bounding blue box. In most cases (desktop OS', Android, iOS) the basic glyph is rendered, but on Samsung's Android with their emoji set it renders with the blue box.

@fluffy The interesting follow-up would be to see how Windows 11 renders 🔄 using the 1.29 version of the font.

@fluffy It's a complicated one because the structure of the font is completely different in the Windows 11 Segoe UI Emoji font (version 1.35) vs the Windows 10 Segoe UI Emoji font (version 1.29).

The actual glyph appears to be there, but perhaps on Windows 11 it's not mapped properly?

Here's the same 🔄 emoji rendered with both versions of the font, from on my Windows 10 system.

Google trying to get people to engage with Google Chat by sending emails about missed messages on Google Hangouts in October 2020 🙄🤔

ThermoBeacon temperature sensor battery died recently. It takes CR2477 batteries that cost as much as the device itself!

Opened it up and hooked up an 18650 battery holder... Hoping 2500mAh will last a while longer! 😆

@citizen00147 hey! I saw that you've been struggling with persisting dark/light color scheme preferences.

I whipped up a quick example of how you would do this using localStorage here: blog.omgmog.net/localstorage-p

The JavaScript side is quite simple and doesn't require any external libraries/etc. The Sass/CSS is also quite simple. Basically you just configure CSS variables for each color scheme.

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