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Today I'm playing with rendering my blog's webmentions as part of my Jekyll build by first caching them from using and then pulling the json data in to Jekyll as a Git submodule -- exposing them as in Jekyll.

Apparently this will be fine

I should be able to trigger a rebuild with Github actions when the mentions submodule repo gets a new push 🤔

Wish me luck! 🙈

There's nothing more humbling for ones artistic capability than trying to draw an accurate Union Jack flag for your 2-year-old to paint 🇬🇧 ✏️

I love everything about this. 😍

> Electronic Catan LCD Tiles:
> A collection of hexagon tiles that magnetically snap together to create a Settlers of Catan board of any shape or size. Each tile features a large round LCD and a custom magnetic pogo connector on each edge. Linking up a bunch of tiles creates a position-aware partial mesh network.

Not sure folk are aware that using Google fonts by URL in their CSS undermines the privacy of each and every site visitor, sending their IP to GG with every visit. How? Because with each visit they download the font from GG, not your server.

If you will use GG fonts, don't do this

@import url('[...]

Download that font, and resource it locally instead

@font-face {
font-family: FontName';
font-style: normal;
src: url('../fonts/FontName.woff2');

I make web stuff all day every day. This is refreshing! 👏

Intro to the Web Revival #1: What is the Web Revival?

📅 Tomorrow it's from 9:30 AM BST

🫂 Join in from wherever you are! 👉

📢 There might be new periodic Airquotes The Podcast Airquotes recordings:

Also I've made some more tweaks to my blog recently, such as:
- Improved Lighthouse score to 100 across the board
- Improved OG data
- Removed all tracking (Google Fonts, Twitter, etc.) with the exception of the Cloudflare beacon
- Added reading time and Webmention counts to the top of posts
- Probably more stuff 🤷

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Only 10 patrons are currently supporting @tchambers with hosting and management costs.

This isn't Facebook.
You're not the product.

Nothing like proofreading a blog post to make you realise you over-use commas. I think it might be time to invest in a shock collar or something...

Man, 90s appliance UIs were a ride!

> About the Dual MN 8010, the remarkable retro stereo set you've never heard of, that has a GUI (Graphical User Interface).

(1/x) My GDC talk "How (not) to create Textures for VFX" is online and available for FREE!
You can get Slides, Project Files (UE4 & 5.0) & more:

#GDC22 #gamedev #vfxtexture #vfx #realtimeVFX #UnrealEngine5 #GDC

Well this DALL-E 2 is insane! Going to have to be even more critical/sceptical when consuming content...

"My deepfake DALL-E 2 vacation photos passed the Turing Test"

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