This signup web form that wont allow account creation without a password fulfilling ten commandments but without marking the password as invalid. Did these people ever encounter the term user interface design?

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Emacs killer feature: it gets out of your face.

The most confusing user interface design is strictly reserved for user privacy settings. Under no circumstances can these be made straight forward.

My tv died yesterday, would have loved to be without a new one but my immediate family was not onboard with that idea. Got a new one, apparently everything is "smart" these days. Long story short: I hate it.

Built a stand to hang archery targets from in the backyard. Proceeded to hang up the old suction cup target that started this hobby because my current target is all shot through. Bow and arrow is such marvelous technology.

Moved to codeberg. I don't need or use 99 percent of what github / gitlab offers and find the extra features and ui complexity annoying. Codeberg / gitea is nice!

Ordered a new bike yesterday, then quickly changed my mind and canceled. I don't need a new bike. Shit I don't need anything really. I don't know what I'm doing with my life. I'm a dreamer, I get caught up in a dream only to realize I haven't got the time to follow it. I should probably just quit the media consumption. Too much stimuli

Searching for solutions to these problems will just yield forums filled of people in disbelief about how utterly stupid the whole thing is.

You can tell these apps are free because they all stink. No one should accept this from Google or Apple

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FamilyLink is a fucking study in frustration. Confusing as hell to configure, app sharing is a joke, location sharing just stops working when my kids time is up.

The iphone equivalent has plenty of ist owns warts. You want to grant more time to you kid? Sure select 15 minutes or 1 hour, but I just gave the other kid 30 minutes because at least family link as five minute increments, who comes up with this? I want to find them and kick them in the nuts!

Cookie acceptance banners need to go, think about all the annoyance multiplied over all visitors in the last decade, time wasted building these furious pop-ups and the idiocy in the people mandating them. And in the end, cookies or not, you will be tracked anyhow. Let the madness end!

Didn't mow my lawn as I had set out. I love my garden (being in it) but hate the upkeep.

Weekend spent cleaning out trash and old unused items. Felt great to get rid of it. Still a long way to go, but it's a start. Tried minimalism before but somehow fell back into consumerism, it's just not that easy with a family, everything is a compromise...

I don't get what people think they see or hear in Jordan Peterson's monologues. He comes off as all words and no content. He's apparently an expert on fucking everything. The arrogance just flows from him. How anyone is duped is beyond me.

I've long suspected my dog is on to something. She seems to be of the opinion that sleeping is serious business.

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[...] the two compared sleep patterns in 30 different species of primates, including humans. Most species slept between nine and 15 hours daily. Humans averaged just seven hours of shut-eye.

Based on lifestyle and biological factors, however, people should get 9.55 hours, Nunn and Samson calculate. [...]

Wanting a new gadget but at the same time knowing it will probably drive me nuts in one way or another. The safe choice is not to upgrade and learn to work with what I've already got. The urge will die with time if I abstain but the so far unrealized frustration with this potential addition to my flora of gadgets will be very real.

Longing for a future where all you need is a cell phone and it runs linux proper.

Instant coffee tastes nothing like coffee....

Building emacs from source again. One day I wish for a debian stable with always the latest emacs in the archives. It's really the only software I deeply care about :)

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I'm old enough to remember when software that sent records of everything you did and websites you visited was called "spyware".

How times have changed.

And I don't mean that spyware has gone away.

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