This week on my podcast, I read my Medium column, "Revenge Of the Chickenized Reverse Centaurs," proposing a theory of the relationship between algorithms, interoperability and worker power (happy May Day!).

Let's break it down. Start with "chickenization": this is a labor economics term referring to industries that follow the model of the American poultry industry.


Paying for media doesn't mean that companies won't abuse you. Not paying for media doesn't mean they will. The determinant of your abuse is whether companies will suffer consequences for it. While there are some problems with ad-supported media, they're completely separate from the problems of surveillance - and the problems of surveillance are much *worse* than the problems of ads. That's why we should ban surveillance ads.


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Let's recap: the companies collect as much of your data as they can. They store it forever. They give it to anyone who has a police department email address, without question. And they don't keep track of who they give your data to.


Paulo Valdivieso

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