So you have your browser’s ad-blocker enabled and are happily browsing the web when you come across a website that, very politely, asks you to whitelist the site in your ad-blocker because they depend on the ads to keep the site going. We have all come across websites like that. What do you do with such a website? Should you go ahead and whitelist it to allow ads?:

If you love someone, set them free. What about hobbies and passions? Things you love to do? I think it suits this context just as well. Possibly even better.:

Slideshows, also known as carousels or sliders, on websites have been around for a long time, but do we really need them? Here’s my take on why not.:

Would you trust a doctor when she says you have to take certain pills for your illness, if you knew that those pills will not help you in any way and is only being prescribed because it is manufactured by the same company that runs the hospital? You would probably get a second opinion because there’s a conflict of interest.:


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