Liking Metatext on iOS so far. Similar enough to Tusky on Android. Worth a try if you are looking for a client!

a coworker of mine had a tour of the internet archive ( yesterday, and it's absolutely beautiful. they've got the use of an old church in san fran, and so they set up server racks in beautiful arched alcoves and leave the bulk of the space alone. it's absolutely gorgeous, makes me wish I worked there if it was outside the US.

I’m an amateur weight lifter and such, but these thoughts have been on my mind recently. Figuring out goes to get people moving regularly and finding ways for people to enjoy that movement as to make it natural seems huge. Helping people find a good and healthy reason to exercise is critical, and I believe it needs to be their own path ultimately.

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“There is not one right answer when it comes to either the style of motivation or the exercise selected for all individuals… We belabor the point that words matter at Barbell Medicine but studies such as this make it readily apparent. The language we use in our communication can have a profound effect on people’s willingness to engage in activity as well as their willingness to continue after we are no longer around.”

Looking like my old MacBook Pro may finally stop turning on now. Unfortunate, but I've seen thinking about a Linux replacement for a while anyway.

Any recommendations? Maybe a few year old ThinkPad? I could also try and grab another used MBP but I'm not sure I want to do that. I also thought about a System76 machine but I don't know if I want to buy new in this case.

@ifixcoinops Follow up: slow down your life.

You don't need to do everything. Your kid doesn't need 8 hours of afterschool activities to succeed.

Plan out errands so you don't get in the car unnecessarily.

Ask yourself if you need it now or can it wait?

Consider walking/biking/transit when reasonable (what's reasonable grows over time).

Welcome to #Mastodon, here are couple tricks:
- find the content to follow, no company is shoving content into your face here
- initially check as many profiles as you can and follow if you enjoy their toots
- lists instances
- /about page of each instance has "Discover users" + "what's happening": great way to find profiles to follow.
- click on "star" if you enjoyed the post, "boost" if you want your followers to enjoy it too
- block spammy accounts right away

Starting to share and upload some weight lifting video content here: Not a ton yet, but a start for sure!

Shout out to @Clifford for the account! Thanks!

Suggestions on cool PeerTube instances to try out? Looking for a pretty low key spot, generally interesting or somewhat educational content. Should have registration enabled, and ideally live streaming. I had one in mind that looked good but registration is disabled.

Late night (7:15pm ET) gym session. Most likely going to regret when trying to get some sleep tonight. So be it though.

Covid booster for me on Friday! Should be fun /s.

If you are six months out from your 2nd shot, get signed up for the third booster right now.

Now! Today!

I know this seems never ending and some are wondering how many more shots there are.

And the truth is, we don’t know. But every shot brings us closer to an end. Or at least just to needing a yearly booster, like the flu shot. That is the most likely outcome.

Wear your mask too!

🚫 jetpacks
✅ bike lanes

🚫 flying cars
✅ public transit

Tangential, but are there good Apple TV apps for Peertube or Owncast? That’s where I most commonly watch live events. So it’d be cool if that existed.

The official Mastodon app for iOS on an iPad feels rather odd. It’s in an iPhone resolution but you can kinda full screen it? I know it’s pretty new though. So maybe it’s not ready yet?

Just a note to those who want to help support the hosting and maintaining of this instance, we do have this Patreon up and running...

Much thanks to those who have given, and no pressure to those who have not. But support here does make this labor of love a bit easier.

Thanks again everyone, and hope US folks here are having a great Thanksgiving weekend....!

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