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Hi Everyone:

I just learned that the server costs for this instance will (and I should say not unreasonably given its size) go up substantially to me.

Server costs going up 5X shortly. We are one of the larger tech instances on the fedi.

This is a labor of love for me & I'm very willing to do at a loss, and am very thankful for the 9 patreon donors we have.

But would likely need about 9 more to be at a sustainable loss for me.

Do pledge here if you can:

One thing I've recently figured out how to put into words recently: a lot of instructional material focuses on teaching cues as if they are the movement itself, as opposed to the movement itself plus cues. It leads to descriptions like "knees forward, feet straight, hips back, chest up, brace your core, and down!" to explain a squat.

It sounds pedantic, but I think it leads worrying about details that at best aren't critical and at worst don't apply universally to every lifter.

LOL I didn't realize the hasn't actually been fully finished until tonight. Watched the last published episode tonight and thought I was going to be horribly disappointed. First Jojo's and now this!

More to come next year I suppose though!

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Every so often I appreciate how important key and open tech is to my life and work: - and even old-fashioned email.

Had a time of 38:59 for the 5k today. I guess I ran 1/2 to 2/3 of it.

Certainly not where I was in the past, but pretty good considering my training was extremely minimal! Happy to have just made it happen and finished it up!

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It's funny to read threads with excited devs because, nowadays, there are tools that can help detect memory leaks and other allocation issues!

💁 Gestures broadly towards ARC, garbage collectors, and languages that have fixed this for decades. 💁

(I do understand that I'm vastly over simplifying things and ignoring performance issues, embedded environments, and whatnot. It's still amusing!)

- a series of horrifying traumatic events and the mental health issues that come with them!

A good series so far, but my lord.

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A huge #tilvids welcome to @thunderbird ! So happy to be able to support such a great project, and for them to share their content with our community!

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Also, for locals, keep in mind that NH has voter ID laws. This means you need to bring an photo ID when voting, or fill out a challenge voter affidavit.

For the former, there are docs online saying which ID's are accepted.

The latter option means you cast a ballot, but the secretary of state requires verifying you voted later on that has to be replied to. In other words, you can vote without an ID, but you'll need to fill out paperwork and answer a letter after the election.

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Friendly reminder that has local elections this year. Primary is this week, September 13th. General is November 8th.

certainly isn't the most important thing in our country, and NH itself is kind of small beans, but it still has some importance. So please try and go vote, at least in the general!

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Year progress: ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░░░░░ 69.0%

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Neither are good enough for me when starting a project from scratch. In that case, is best.

For some clients, it might be weird to look at a wireframe full of strange shapes, but it's exactly what's needed to focus the attention on the content organisation and on the hints of what the interaction might be.

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I should add that part of the reason is that my phone takes rather large video files. I don't want to flood my Masto instance with giant short videos.

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anyone know of a way on to easily encode videos into another format? I take videos and want to share them, but sometimes I don't want to put it onto my laptop, encode it, then share it.

I could upload them to a PeerTube instance or something like that I suppose. The last one I had though seems to have gone offline and probably isn't coming back. But beyond that, sometimes I just want to share them here or other chats anyway.

Any ideas appreciated!

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