The pups natural state, but especially after our longest walk in a long time!

Bummed out that my old MacBook Pro is definitely having major issues at this point and has to be retired. Hoping I can get it good enough to offer for parts.

On the plus side, a buddy of mine had a System76 Lemur Pro they were looking to get rid of. Way more powerful than this 2011-ish MBP, gets something out of my friends hands they don't want, and it also avoids buying a new thing. Pretty good situation overall.

There's way too many interesting ideas and topics to read and explore. Sometimes it makes me bummed out to only really be to focus on one or two. On the other hand, it's really satisfying to watch people who are really good at what they do either perform or discuss their topic of interest.

All I'm saying is that the world and its people are generally super cool.

Went to record my gym workout with an out of commission iPhone was gifted. Finally got a good angle and lighting was good enough. Go to look after the workout and it only recorded 1.5 minutes.

The culprit? Out of data! I deleted about 10GB of junk, but instead it moved it into a Trash Bin kinda thing. Had no idea it would do that. Wish it didn't say "Delete" when it didn't mean it.

RIAA suing me for having music in my heart

Is it still a native app if I build a GTK app in JS? I just found out GJS is a thing. Interesting stuff.

Used to not love Existential Comics as much, but the last few days have been real good. I especially like this:

Clearly I have crypto trauma. Was browsing through the next.js GitHub repo when I noticed "bumped vercel/nft to version X" and panicked that My framework was shocking cryptomining scripts into websites. Turns out that NFT is Node File Trace. Whew...

Welp, got my hack writefreely startup script back running again on reboots. So that's good.

Really need to learn how to setup jobs to run at startup properly though. crontab's @reboot command is pretty hand though!

This evening's viewing was catching up on the latest Demon Slayer episodes, followed by an episode of This Old House.

For a lot of reasons, but also including the fact above, I'm not sure what my life even is.

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