I am so truly amazed by all new faces and support❤️ Wow, thank you all for making my year! :blobcathearts:

When the server works settles down a bit I'll try and reply everything again, currently It's very busy :catblush:

Still I wanna hug you all :blobcathug:


@stux to hijack this post, it's also important to know that instances are run by individuals, meaning they're also paid by individuals. @stux runs a very large instance.

So thanks are in order, but also consider donating so they can keep it up! Here's a post with more info: mstdn.social/@stux/10811399421

@kerfuffle @pseudoramble For sure! ❤️

Be sure to follow the great @TonyStark ❤️ He's a dear friend! :cat_hug_triangle:

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