Contemplating trying another editor besides Visual Studio Code. I've been a fan for a long time, but with recent regressions by Microsoft on FOSS, it makes me wonder if I should change my stance.

So far, some options seem to be commercial ones (Sublime, JetBrains) which look good but aren't FOSS. Would rather keep supporting open tools.

I could explore returning to emacs, but I found it was a bit too much for me to want to setup for my work setup (typical React/TS and C#).

Any other ideas?

@pseudoramble I use Doom Emacs ( It gets my config 95% of the way there. It looks like there is a C# module and there might be React support in the Web module? I don't use either so I can't comment on how comprehensive these modules are.

@jkbest I was just reading these docs when you posted it. Looks not bad potentially!

The biggest thing I can think of is displaying the types of things when asked, ideally auto complete like, but I can make due with having it in another buffer on request.

@jkbest true I think that will be a big help. Last time I was using emacs a ton LSP wasn't really a thing yet. Might help that out a lot.

Maybe I'll give it a try again and see if it's possible!

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