Found this while searching around. This is just absurd lmao.

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Hanging out with all the pups.


Workout for today:

Barbell Squats
Strict Press
Barbell Rows

Felt pretty decent overall, 100% better than Tuesday's session.

Forgot an actual photo but here's a shot of the barbell loaded and ready to go. Also that Jojo's flag tho.

By the way, I finally got around to updating my Peertube account with videos. Not enough time to do any real editing, so pretty much as they were recorded. Check it out!

No cats here, so I don't have a proper Caturday post. Here's a pup instead though. Her name is Indy!

Slow slow progress, but the driveway and yard are completely covered now. Supposed to pick up in the afternoon though. So we should see a big jump.

Might switch the photo angle now too.

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Not much progress since the last photo but still at it. Supposed to pick up later this afternoon. The wind is definitely stronger than previous storms this year, and a bit colder. Makes for light and easy to move snow. You can see the roofs across the way have no snow.

Snow started here maybe 2 hours ago. Slow going so far, though it is quite breezy.

The pups natural state, but especially after our longest walk in a long time!

Thanksgiving beans loaf in progress. dish for my first big holiday as a vegetarian.

Low contrast placeholder text, no labels. I'm not an accessibility expert, but this is rough.

The gym setup I've been using since mid January. Sometimes miss the commerical gym, but often this is better. Metal on the speakers welcome here!


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