Writing this from the System76 Lemur Pro! So far it's real nice. I had no idea how small and light this machine was going to be!

@chiasm A run after dinner? The run sounds good, but not the good sloshing around!

The pups natural state, but especially after our longest walk in a long time!

@obsolete29 that sucks I'm sorry.

One interesting thing that Ubuntu, maybe others, do is separate important security updates to be auto installed from other updates that can be done manually. I think that's one reasonable compromise on how to manage updates.

@Clifford what else do you have going on down there? I have a dirt floor basement, so I'm living vicariously through you!

Bummed out that my old MacBook Pro is definitely having major issues at this point and has to be retired. Hoping I can get it good enough to offer for parts.

On the plus side, a buddy of mine had a System76 Lemur Pro they were looking to get rid of. Way more powerful than this 2011-ish MBP, gets something out of my friends hands they don't want, and it also avoids buying a new thing. Pretty good situation overall.

@tindall you wrote that in the post I think. It did not click. Thanks for clarifying!

There's way too many interesting ideas and topics to read and explore. Sometimes it makes me bummed out to only really be to focus on one or two. On the other hand, it's really satisfying to watch people who are really good at what they do either perform or discuss their topic of interest.

All I'm saying is that the world and its people are generally super cool.

@tindall @cr1901 I was actually going to ask about this! How does the LinkedList implantation tell the compiler it's sound? Also, does it say it's unsafe to share across threads, or does it have a way to make that safe? Maybe the Copy trait helps, or Borrow?

Disclaimer: I don't know any Rust, just a curious reader.

By the way, I like the writing style of the post. Thanks for sharing!

@chiasm wow cool thanks! Also embarrassed that I actually read it as pink nose, not noise lol. But glad I'm corrected now.

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