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I'm not sure if Baki is supposed to be parody of battle anime or not. I think maybe it is?


Workout for today:

Barbell Squats
Strict Press
Barbell Rows

Felt pretty decent overall, 100% better than Tuesday's session.

Forgot an actual photo but here's a shot of the barbell loaded and ready to go. Also that Jojo's flag tho.

By the way, I finally got around to updating my Peertube account with videos. Not enough time to do any real editing, so pretty much as they were recorded. Check it out!

Content Warning Meta Discussion 

What are good rules of thumb for people use for content warnings? I'm trying to be thoughtful about using them more often, but also I don't want to make all content hidden. Here's what I can think of so far

Obvious uses: violence, sex, gore, various other forms of trauma.
Good uses: politics, food, health.
Possible uses: holidays, diet, exercise maybe?

I often use my intuition, but I feel like I can't fully rely on that without some adjustment. Thanks!

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Need to figure out where to buy huge quantities of tofu. Eating it every week basically now, and wouldn't hurt to have it more often too.

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Weightlifting, Exercise, Challenges 

Weights went up today. I hit failure for the first time, which is pretty exciting. I was able to squat, bent row, and hip hinge/dead lift a full 3x8 set, but OHP and Bench press I could only pull off 3x5.

36 pounds for all sets today and I know I'm going to feel it tomorrow. Getting close to an Olympic Bar though (: (: (:

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Light lunchtime workout:
- mobility stretching
- 3x bicep/triceps superset
- mountain trail running

(ok, ok... mostly walking not running... and not in Norway but on a treadmil in a basement, but hey, a guy can dream)

#workout #gym #weightlifting #StrengthTraining #bodybuilding #exercise #fitness #fasting #cutting #running #trailrunning #pumpitbetter

My sleep last night was real off and my eating is sightly off from normal. So not a great session. That being said:

* Deadlifts felt decent actually. Just about the right weight, maybe could've gone up slightly more even.
* Push press felt really rough. 185lbs for sets was way too much today. Wasn't able to finish each set completely.
* Farmer's carry felt fine. Not too rough.

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Week 5 Day 1 Workout:

Deadlifts: 1x1 (RPE 8), 4x1 (RPE 9), 3x4 (RPE 9 - 5%)
Push Press: 1x1 (RPE 8), 4x1 (RPE 9), 3x4 (RPE 9 - 5%)
Farmer's Carry: 60ft heavy x 4 sets.

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Kinda tempted to send this account to the community trunk for weightlifting. Not sure why I'm hesitant, but I am.

Debating if I want to start posting short videos without any editing. Think it might help me share more progress too, but I just don't have time to do much editing.

Are there any Peertube apps on Android that people recommend? I could also get PixelFed fired up again and post there?

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Why did you end up coming to Mastodon? Pls boost so we can get some good data 🙌

Accessory: Dumbbell shoulder shrugs and single hand rows, 3x7.

Notes: Everything felt great today. I had issues with the bar spinning in my hand on the heaviest rack pull set. May need to use a mix grip or chalk next time. Close grip bench felt easy, which was nice since my shoulder was acting up the past few weeks.

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Not everyone uses #Linux for the same purpose - and first of all: That's okay! Anyway I am interested how YOU use it.

I rant and rave about simply because it's made a big difference in my life, and I think could be a net benefit to tons of people to get into.

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One thing that perhaps helps to remember: you have to be consistent at your workouts, but it doesn't have to be your life or identity. If you can budget enough time to get a few hours a week in, that's all you need.

You don't need to identify yourself as an athlete, or compete, or compete. You just need to show up reliably for yourself!

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I wish I had better tips on how to stick with it. I honestly don't have any that I think work. When I try and help friends get into it, it's the hardest part and the least fun part to get going.

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One of the biggest challenges we gave when dealing with fitness is routine. It can be a burden when starting off send feel like something that's gotta be forced into the schedule. It's not simple.

The bright side is that it does get better. At this point I feel off if I'm not getting my workouts in. It's a good feeling, long term.

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