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This mansion looks like a catalog of New England facade styles.

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Here's a potentially neat client feature - setup reminders to come back to a post.

I use reminders all the time to come back to items I want to check out but can't right now. Would be great to schedule a reminder to come back to it right in the app.

Of course I can do this in lots of other apps, but right in the app would be handy!

Stranger Things Spoiler-ish 

I feel like so many shows I watch end up tossing in time travel at some point. Is there really not enough going on in this show at this point?!

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Wife saw me scrolling and asked “what’s happening on megalodon then?” 🦈

I'm looking to add a new breaker into my breaker box. Anyone have any specific tips? I get the gist of the process but haven't done it before.

One thing I've read is to buy the same brand of breaker so they all match. I guess that makes sense. Do they need to match exact models and such too?

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Just read a forum post via HN that certain Cyber Power UPS’s are possibly prone to fires when they fail. Pretty sure I just bought the model they talked about a few weeks ago.

Cool cool cool. Wait no, 🔥

Twitter Mentions 

So after the initial attempt to buy and the rush of people to Mastodon, has activity generally remained higher from before that? I hope it has!

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Do any of you know of any open source graphic design apps/ sites/software?

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What is your avg home internet speed? Boost I'm curious to see what folks are getting around the country/world. If you don't mind posting pricing that would be awesome!
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Weight lifting 

Another day, another session! Squats and strict Overhead Press.

I'm in the last two weeks of this cycle. So the reps have gone down and the intensity up.

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Took a couple days with our oldest son (16) to hit some trails. We camped near trailheads as far into the Olympics as we could.

Yesterday, a 12 mile loop that took us over Mount Townsend, down to a snow covered lake, and along a rocky creek back to the car. 4,000' of elevation gain.

Today, a more leisurely 8 mile trail that follows a river.

Do hard things with your kids!! It is worth it. They'll thank you for it. And eventually they'll be the ones asking to do the hard things.

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Published a small update to:

- added progressive web app support with icons; you can now install the app on your phone (using your mobile browser's install menu option)

- removed annoying auto focusing of input field in sets/reps screen

- added Farmer's Carry exercise

#pumpitbetter #workout #weighlifting #weightraining #app

Picked up a new to me bicycle this weekend. Needs some very minor work, but I think it'll be the perfect townie setup.

Hoping to use it mainly to haul groceries , and do some fun/light cardio with the little one on board. She's into it!


My sleep got a bit thrown off this morning. Not too bad but man it's hitting me hard! Hate how sensitive my body is to sleeping and how often it gets thrown off.

Luckily my workout is tomorrow. Should be able to recover by then.

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