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@Gargron is a fairly amazing fellow. We spoke via video two years ago and you can watch that here:

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I've made the language list on update for every category you select and only show languages with servers in them along with a count of how many

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What happened to the Your Undivided Attention podcast? It stops mid-August, I think. It's the best thing on my list.

@Tchambers @jgamc1106
I wonder if existing tech conferences like Kamailio World (Berlin, April 2020) or Commcon (UK, 2020) might be into this? Someone who can speak about the "philosophy" would likely be accepted. When I have more time, I'll look at how I could possibly fill that role, as I'm already in the circuit.

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I believe we should organize a conference for Indieweb and/or CHT soon.

So, more that four people saw that bit about conferencing! 😮

Anyone of the four people who might be seeing this, I ended a video conference that went live on YouTube for 8+ years and was an audio phone-in for 12 years.
We can now do video conferencing free via open source. I'm happy to help anyone get started knowing how easy it is.

Holy microblog! My Tumblr goes back to 2007. With photos! Pre IG!
Should I go back and delete ^H^H^H relive those things?
If you know what ^H^H^H means, good on you! It means you've been around on the Internet when it was young.

What does anyone think about IoT? I admit, as much as I am a geek and have loved tech since age 12 (I built a TV camera and an FM transmitter) but I just can't get behind the talking assistants and smart locks. Am I a Luddite?
Some of this might be useful for people with diminished capacities in vision, hearing, mobility. For me, I see no benefit, and a security risk.

@tchambers in fact, Indieweb should consider a conference on Jitsi Meet (tooted just before this).

Jitsi Meet is an open source video conference with many great features. I've known the people behind Jitsi, (which started as a SIP client!) for years.

Here's an intro video:

Next time someone wants to Skype video, send them the URM for a Jitsi Meet. That's all there is, no tracking, no sign in.

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Hey all, quick . My name is Frank. I'm from Utrecht, the Netherlands. Since 2017 I am fascinated by the technologies and protocols combined in this concept of the Indieweb. I am an active blogger about the subject, including a newsletter. I co-organized IndieWebCamp Utrecht and helping out for the upcoming IndieWebCamp Amsterdam. Any questions, feel free to ask!

@Gargron is a fairly amazing fellow. We spoke via video two years ago and you can watch that here:

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