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For 60 years, I've been stewing in various music genres, from classical to blues, from jazz and funk to hip hop. Trash Hitz is a playlist you can listen to free anytime on any device. If you like a song, please share it.

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I鈥檝e always made it a point to get my news directly from the respective sources. I follow them directly with my RSS reader or subscribe and have their app on my iPad. But also,
Facebook pulled news in Australia. Here's why that matters everywhere - CNET

12 new songs ready for the trash bin:

on iTunes/Apple, Deezer, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, YouTube Music, etc.

Rest in Peace, Chick Corea. Way too early for the genius and human he was.

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I really need to know this, so please boost for visibility:

Are there any people out there on the autistic spectrum that have found a format of living that works for them, that makes them happy?

If you're on the spectrum and feel generally happy or content: do you have a routine, specific coping mechanism(s) or special life conditions that you recommend or feel privileged with? Did you feel happier after excluding some particular element of stress in some way?

If you're on the spectrum and feel generally unhappy: do you think there could be a happy existence for you if society enabled it?

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#electronic #experimental #atmospheric #FediverseMusic

Ever taken something, stretched it til it breaks, and then it doesn't break, like a phone that ran out of gas? Or maybe it does break, but not for you, since you witnessed the whole process, and the sameness abrogates the divergence. Featuring extremely slowed down saxophone and a variety of ambient generated beats and sequences.


Sax recording from @randulo

I think I mentioned this here?
This is the second bogus copyright strike I disputed and had released within a day or two.

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Just as a side point, I don't actually care if federation becomes mainstream, I was just idly wondering about it. Truth is, many enthuse about stuff *because* it isn't mainstream. That includes all kinds of marginal open source projects and some major ones. I use what works best for me. Sometimes it's worth paying for these, other times you pay and find out the service is crap.

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I must run to prepare the food for the female unit who must have read my thoughts posted earlier as a poem. If you are tooting at me, I'll see them later. It's all good. Hunger calls.

General question: is federation ever going to really be a mainstream thing? I'm on several of the instances/pods, I ran a Masto instance for a short time. I'm getting back in to Matrix/elements, created by folks I've know for years. There are also many ideas I've tried and passed on. I try EVERYTHING! That's why I'm trying Audiothing

Hungry woman
come home
I have soup
and gyzoza
to enjoy my sax

@luka no audius profile for me to follow and listen to?

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