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To no one in particular, if you're cross posting to everywhere, try to think about how someone on one of the target platforms can see the entire discussion. It's annoying to click on something potentially interesting only to see the same thing as the cross post with no easy way to see the rest.

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I have coined a new word for changing the sometimes wrong or unwanted inversion on the keyboard parts of Band in a Box:
"I had to spend time chordrecting that piano part!" BiaB is great for a quick model, but it plays some bad stuff on keys sometimes!

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Bruce Schneier notes on his blog that Ross Anderson has finished the drafts for the third edition of "Security Engineering", currently available for free:

The drafts will disappear for 42 months as soon as the book goes into print, so now's a good time to download the preprint edition.


"As Time Goes By", revisited on September 11th, two years & eight months since I began on alto

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group repeaters that reach everyone in the group. Try the appropriate one on your next toot!

To create one, place @name@ and then

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Sorry, I just realized that last one has piano. I'll post something else with just bass/drums.

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To drag a few innocents in here if you play and/or create Add a group to your instrument(s)

I won't do it again for at least 12 hours, promise!

Hi @ics I used to be on sonomuu but I reduced my Mastodon instances down to two :)
Are you watching @musicians ? All of us should watch and use it to form an ad hoc group.

My sax adventure is amply represented on

For the few people who might see and read this, I'd just like to mention that you can't redefine words at will.

A fascist is not defined as "someone who does things I don't like". If you haven't lived under fascism, find someone who has before you throw terms around.

Hello, I haven't been searching out people to follow here, yet Mastodon is my favorite federated platform. I'm into
(I play all those and ) and when it's good, hence my interest in which one of the best shows ever. Combines great entertainment with a serious look at how it's been in my (long) lifetime.

My music can be heard free at (Spotify, Amazon, YouTube Music, etc, see profile)

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