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"Child's Play"
First album of 2021, 13 songs, most of which were composed and recorded in the past month.
The exception is the title tune, Child's Play, which I wrote around 1973 and recorded then. I rerecorded it last week because I don't have access to the original session which was never finished.

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"A smol EP for human kind. A giant leap for me. This is 徒settoセット’s (@setto) first release that is entirely produced using Cooperative software (AKA FLOSS). As in: no hardware!! Yes! it is also that dog’s first release in over a decade where all the synths and drum machines are software modules. It features flute and sax from the talented Randulo (@randulo) , and we are happy to share it with you."

#LoFi #HipHop

John Coltrane's Equinox isn't a tune I'd have played, but it was a song of the month on Sax on the Web, so I did it, with alto and YDS-150 electronic.

### Collaboration
I have never met saxophonist Pete Effamy, but we have collaborated on several compositions. _**Spirit Mountain**_ is the latest:
(Available on [Spotify, Apple/iTunes, Amazon,]( etc.)

This either proves I can't sing or that I can
All instruments except for bass and drums were played on the guitar

@Jazzaria would you care to do a real piano solo on this? I might do a newer version in Cm.

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"In Search of a New Year"
Written early 2020, "*before what we now know about 2020*. Revised today:

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