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"Child's Play"
First album of 2021, 13 songs, most of which were composed and recorded in the past month.
The exception is the title tune, Child's Play, which I wrote around 1973 and recorded then. I rerecorded it last week because I don't have access to the original session which was never finished.

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Does someone here offer professional pen-testing?

A friend working for a quit-smoking app needs their app and backend pen-tested. Preferably he needs a German testing company. Could also be an international company but the testing has to be compliant with the German BSI guidelines.


They need a "white box" test with "moderate attack strength".

(Boosting ok/appreciated)

We know the has become primetime: the crypto pushers are coming out of the woodwork. Already crowded on IG, Twitter and Clubhouse, they're now going to try to sell you their "services" here.

Hey welcome! Hope you enjoy yourself.

I've been publishing more compositions on the usual streaming platforms. I am currently trying Tidal, I like the app. You can find all thelinks here:

Hi @Gina it's been ages... saw your "name", saying hello in passing.

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hello fediverse! I'm looking for openstreetmap users (or rather: editors) that would be willing to talk to me for a journalistic article (in the Luxembourgish leftist weekly "woxx") about their experience.

it doesn't matter if you edit #osm #openstreetmap a lot or only casualy, I'd just be interested to hear different voices.

(you can also just reply to this toot and tell me why you started to edit osm/whats your motivation to do it/what problems you see)

boosts more than welcome

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Apparently #Wire wants to #free its product from #Google to bring it to #FDroid and they're "looking for a contractor who can handle an older scala codebase, and has experience around app notification processes".


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"A smol EP for human kind. A giant leap for me. This is 徒settoセット’s (@setto) first release that is entirely produced using Cooperative software (AKA FLOSS). As in: no hardware!! Yes! it is also that dog’s first release in over a decade where all the synths and drum machines are software modules. It features flute and sax from the talented Randulo (@randulo) , and we are happy to share it with you."

#LoFi #HipHop

John Coltrane's Equinox isn't a tune I'd have played, but it was a song of the month on Sax on the Web, so I did it, with alto and YDS-150 electronic.

### Collaboration
I have never met saxophonist Pete Effamy, but we have collaborated on several compositions. _**Spirit Mountain**_ is the latest:
(Available on [Spotify, Apple/iTunes, Amazon,]( etc.)

This either proves I can't sing or that I can
All instruments except for bass and drums were played on the guitar

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