Hello, I haven't been searching out people to follow here, yet Mastodon is my favorite federated platform. I'm into
(I play all those and ) and when it's good, hence my interest in which one of the best shows ever. Combines great entertainment with a serious look at how it's been in my (long) lifetime.

My music can be heard free at (Spotify, Amazon, YouTube Music, etc, see profile)

@randulo Hey Randulo - great to get more #jazz in the fediverse. You may be interested in following/using the #FediverseMusic tag that was started a few weeks ago, and just this week I also started tagging the @musicians group in some of my posts (to make a common feed of fediverse musicians).

@Jazzaria @musicians
I've been bad at posting but not searching for others. One reason is because if I look at something general like , I see tons of stuff that isn't outside if what I already listen to. I try to follow original work, but I've been bad at looking for it. I was already following you somewhere. :)

@randulo @musicians Yep I'm better at finding than promoting myself 😀 but trying to get better rounded. Music gives me joy regardless, but sharing can lead to new discoveries as well.

I still draw a line somewhere in terms of promotion tactics (this is the fediverse after all), but I think it'd be great if you joined in with the hashtag/group.

@Jazzaria I remember when this concept started (last year?). I think I started a group but I forgot, hmmm, maybe @saxophone ?

@randulo I have loose memories of that, and indeed evidently interacted with you there! @saxophone

I'll keep it in mind and tag it if I'm doing something specifically sax-related.

Like so many little innovations, I immediately and happily created the group and then did nothing else. From now on, I must include @saxophone and @guitar in my toots when appropriate. I think groups are a great idea. I just forgot about them. I will need to find a way to onboard interested parties now!

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