Has anyone ever used musicmatch.net, especially the #collaboration feature where samples and tracks are thought to evolve as more people contribute their own recordings?

@pianoforte Sounds like WikiLoops but with a much better website.

Thanks. Even though I searched for a while I didn't come accross wikiloops. I often find it hard to estimate (without creating an account) if websites have an active user base and are still maintained. The idea of music collaboration via the internet is old and it felt like there are many portals around that once had great ideas but never reached the critical mass of users.


I think the first two big areas of the net were music and porn. Then, when bandwidth and HTML grew, photography. Not any niche can be found.
Music Match seems to be project from a brand awareness company. It looks great but in my first visit I found bugs I'll have to report. The design is modern, and I listened to a few things, I'm not sure if it's worth messing with. I like to look at everything, though, thanks for mentioning it!

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